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Heart Shaped Gifts

Updated on September 20, 2012

The Heart as you know is the universal sign for love. A heart shaped gift is a great way to express your feelings for someone. Since the heart shape is so popular there are many items to choose from. You can choose from well over 200 heart shaped items on this page. There are heart shaped necklaces and pendants.  Heart shape gifts can also be found in the kitchen as tea cups, cookie cutters and  mixing bowls or cake molds.  Candles make a great heart shaped gift as well as heart shaped mirrors.   Heart shaped gifts even come in the forms of birdhouse and bird baths!  Don't forget to get your heart shaped basket to put all of your goodies in!  Please have fun browsing this site and I hope you find the item you are looking for!


 When thinking of heart Shaped items the first thing that comes to mind is jewelry.  There are many heart shaped jewelry items available at almost any price.   I have always favored the heart shaped locket.  The heart shaped locket can be personalized with a picture of other commemorative item.

The ten carat yellow gold diamond and Garnet heart shaped pendant is very popular.  It comes with an 18 inch chain.  The gold heart has 16 diamonds with in  it.  The gold shaped heart seems to pierce the heart shaped garnet.  Customers state this pendant is very pretty and very well designed. There are earrings to complete the set.

The Paisley heart Pin from the Artazia Collection is very unique.  It is 3 inches by 2.5 inches.  it is hand painted in red green,aqua, and gold stripes.  Swarovski crystals decorate the piece as  well as various pieces of metal.  This pin is of a limited edition.  The Paisley heart pin was given four out of five stars by a customer.  She stated it was well made.

The Sterling Silver Marcasite And garnet colored Glass Heart Earrings are beautiful.  The sterling silver is very ornate and holds the garnet glass.  I like how you can see the sterling silver design through the glass on the other side.  Customers state that this is a nice piece of attractive jewelry and made a great gift for valentines day,  These pair of earrings go with a matching necklace.

The Yellow Gold Forever in my heart necklace has an 18 inch chain.  The chainis rope and has a spring clasp.  Around the outside of the heart is an ornate design.  On the front are the words, "Forever in my Heart" with a rose.  The locket opens so you can place a picture or some other prized item. Customers are pleased that this is 14  carat gold.  

Heart shapes for her!

What is jewelry with out a box to put it in? Check out these heart shaped jewelry boxes. They come in a variety of sizes and are made out various material such as pewter, plastic, glass or leather.

This is a heart shaped box made of pewter.  It has a floral design etched in it.  The top of the box is plain so it can easily be engraved.  The inside of the top of the heart shaped pewter jewelry box has blue felt on top to protect your jewelry.  One customer stated in her review that this is now her favorite jewelry box.  She loved the fact that the top pf the box was lacquered, giving it more luster than the picture.

For the Cook

How about givng a heart shaped item to your favorite chef? There are plenty of heart shaped cookie cutters and cake pans and bowls.  there is even a heart shaped tea cup!

Heart Shaped cake pans are a fun way to dress up a cake.  This pan is ten inches long and two inches deep.   Wilton's  cake pans have a lifetime warranty.  This pan bakes evenly and is easy to clean up.  It is made of extra thick aluminum. 

Wilton Petite Silicone 12 Cavity Heart Pan

Heart Shaped molds are a fun way to make many snacks!  Heart shaped molds can make heart shaped cupcakes, heart shaped jello jigglers  and heart shaped candies!  The Wilton Petite 12 cavity heart pan is just what you need to make all of these things!  This mold is freezer safe, refrigerator safe and dishwasher safe.  It can with stand temperatures up to 500 degrees in the oven! The flexible pan allows the items to pop out easily.  One customer stated they really enjoyed using this for a craft project.

For the home

There are plenty of heart shaped items to purchase for your home. Heart Shaped Pillows and heart shaped mirrors.  Heart Wreaths are a practical  heart Shaped Gift.  They can be used all year round!

For the gardener

There are heart shaped items for the gardener. Some bird baths are heart shaped. There are heart shaped plant containers as well. If you want to grow a flower that is in a heart shape grow the bleeding heart. It's little blooms look like hearts hanging on a vine. Heart Shaped bird Houses make a cute addition to any backyard!

This heart shaped birdhouse is made of polystone. Polystone has a porcelain like feel.   It is water resistant and can be painted on.  Use it as decoration or outside!

Heart Shaped gifts are a unique way to say I love you all year long!I hope you were inspired by one of the gifts here in this article!


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