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10 Heartfelt Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Updated on February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day is that special day to celebrate love for that particular individual that makes life worth living - it's a day to show how much you can and shower each other in gifts.

Each year, the big day approaches and both men and women begin scrambling for Valentine's Day gift ideas which often leave people stumped and buying the wrong gift - bummer!

In this hub, I want to share ten great, heartfelt gift ideas for Valentine's Day this year; they'll be perfect for your budget but, more importantly, guaranteed to have your loved way showering you with kisses.

1. Flowers

Flowers are a classic "I Love You" gift on V-Day; it's a tradition at this point to get your special someone flowers whether it's a single rose or an entire bouquet.

Flowers symbolize the youth and vibrancy between your relationship with your loved one - there's not better gift than flowers - they're well worth the price and fit any relationship.

Don't forget to get your mum some flowers too!

2. An Electric Razor

This one is for that special him in your life - ladies.

Men need a superb razor to get the closest shave possible and quite simply - disposable razors barely do the job - just think back when you get pricked on the face from stubble - no good!

An electric razor is the perfect Valentine's day gift for that special guy in your life that will make both of you happy.

3. Chocolates

Chocolate, besides Flowers, is the second most commonly gifted item at Valentine's day and it's no wonder because chocolate has long since been regarded as an aphrodisiac.

Put your loved one in the right mood by treating them to the best treat in the world - a great box of chocolate!

4. Cologne

Want your man smelling the best he can? Get him a bottle of cologne this V-day.

Cologne completes the man and you already know how great he smells when he's wearing a his best cologne - treat him to a gift this year and pick up a bottle for him, he'll love it!

5. Perfume

Guys, listen up: women love perfume, but you already know this so why even take a chance with getting any gift less than stellar than a bottle of her favorite perfume.

Sneak into her side of the bathroom, dig around and figure out what her favorite perfume is and then surprise her this Valentine's day with even more!

6. Scented Candles

If there's one gift that seems to be unanimous to every women I've ever known it's been scented candles.

Scented candles are not only a great idea but they really set the mood for later on in the night during Valentine's day - that perfect aroma filling the house along with a glass of wine will have your special someone head over heels for you.

7. Wine

How can you set the evening right if you don't have a great bottle of wine to share with your loved one this Valentine's day?

Rush out to the store and spend a good amount for a high quality bottle of red or white wine for your lover; better yet, read up on selections to guarantee you don't end up with that bottom shelf stuff that will ruin the moment.

8. A Good Book

Leave a lasting impression on your loved one by finding out which book they would love to read and then gifting it to them on the big day.

You two can enjoy reading together - snuggling up on the couch - talking about the book - enjoying your wine - smelling your scented candle and having a fun time.

9. A Quality Watch

Most men just pick up whatever watch fits them best and calls it a day but if you really want to make your man stand out and look great than consider picking him up a quality watch this Valentine's day.

Watches complete the look of a man; sport something great and it can often be the single item that ties everything together.

10. Sleep Wear (Pajamas!)

At the end of the night it's time to lay down and get some rest - what better way to end the night than in a super comfy set of pajamas for both of you.

Pajamas are a great gift for any occasion but doubly so for Valentine's day because you're both getting ready for some quality snuggle time.

What Valentine's Day gift ideas would you recommend?

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