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Hearts and Flowers for Valentine's Day

Updated on February 14, 2015

Hearts and Flowers

It is a frosty February morning.  Some where between Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. 

And the moon grows fat and white on a diet of fresh snow.

And preparations are made for the day of illumination:  The Lantern Festival.


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    Frost Flowers

    Frost flowers on windows panes on misty Monday mornings

    The last gasp of winter.

    She is a stranger here.

    Both beautiful and terrible.

    Standing on Razor Blades

    Gliding across her icy face on steel blades

    Stumbling now and then

    Cut deep into the bloodless frozen pool

    Twirling like a whirling snowflake

    Dawn like a Flaming Sword

    Riding through the electric blue predawn on a sleek train

    through the cold and dark

    Dawn comes like surprise

    Rising, burning, revealing

    Long, Slow Songs

    Twilight in the time between suns.

    Illuminated from above by ghostly, ethereal light.

    Flash over damp pavement and swiftly running muddy creeks.

    Fluttering flags in a good stiff breeze.

    In the world between storms

    In some secret way that only our driver knows.

    Dawn comes to a faded sky.

    Dark night bird soars over a dimly lit dwelling

    Dark and tattered remnants of storems

    shamble past the horizon.

    A forest of street lamps mark a parking lot.

    A city shrouded in mist.

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