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Heat of Summer

Updated on April 25, 2019

The Heat Of Summer

The Heat in the summer is abundant. It is beautiful with all its brightness and warmth. Summer comes every year like clockwork. It brings with it heat in limitless amounts. It also brings a number of limitless fun outdoor activities. This also means there is a limitless number of hot days during that time of year. If people like summer they do limitless things outside during the summer months. Being outside in the heat makes most people think happy thoughts if you talk to the right person that is. Most of the time, the heat would make you think of swimming, Popsicle's, and even sitting out by the pool if you have one. What about going to a beach or lake?

With Summer being so warm, people spend more time outdoors, doing outdoor things. Although some days are 90 degree days, it is a little difficult to be outside but if you like the heat, then being outside in that type of heat isn’t hard for you. Although not everyone likes the heat. I myself love the heat, and whether it is 90 degrees or over 100 degrees I would love to be outside. I love swinging for hours on my six-man swing set, tanning in 90-degree weather. I just came back from swinging and bit in this weather and I loved it. There was hardly any wind and the heat on my back and face felt as though I was wrapped in a blanket.

Summer most of the time makes people happy. Not only do they get to be outside more, but they also get to be outside longer because it is light out longer in the summer. The heat of summer brings people together, which means what? More summer parties, bonfires, and fireworks. It also means massive amounts of different types of cold drinks whether the drinks are for the kids or the adults it is fun to make a new summer drink am I right? There is also a lot of swimming if you have a pool, probably more than once a day depending on the heat, like with the 90-degree weather we had Tuesday I bet that the people that had pools were either in them for most of the day or at least more than once throughout the day. If you have kids and a pool in 90-degree weather I bet they don’t want to leave it, once they are in it because it is so refreshing.

With this type of heat, and your kids have friends who don’t have a pool they are probably over at your house with your kids having fun in the pool. Which is the best thing because it is relaxing and fun for everyone. Although it does mean an overabundance of towels, and junk food but that’s fun because you get to hear people laughing and having fun in the cold pool water. The heat of summer can be a great thing, laying outside in the sun on a lounge chair or towel on the ground can be very relaxing.

When I am outside, in this type of heat I am usually laying on a towel, on the ground reading and trying to tan. I am sometimes swinging on my adult swing set but if you want to tan your legs properly laying on the ground is the best way to do it. Swinging on the swing set is relaxing too if you like that type of thing.

The Heat of Summer

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Summer Brings Happiness

Summer time brings heat and if you like the heat it will bring happiness as well. You can spend more time outside if you like the heat and that makes you happy doesn't it? It also brings a number of other things for example, freedom to do anything outdoors. The list is endless which is why it brings happiness, doesn't it? Summer always puts a smile on my face and makes me happy, especially this year since it lasted so long. People get to spend time outdoors and not feel cold so who wouldn't like that? Summer makes me feel, rejuvenated. Being outside in 90-degree weather is relaxing and fun for me, but that might not be the same for everyone. If you like the heat, then figure out what you like to do outside for long period of time so that you can soak up as much as you can. The heat of summer brings out different things in different people but that is a good thing. An example, swimsuits or shorts, t-shirts or tank tops, shoes or sandals even no shoes at all, depending on the person and their preference. Everyone is different.

The heat of summer makes me feel good because I hate being cold so being warm is the best feeling. That is just me though what about someone else? The heat of summer feels limitless while it lasts because there are so many things you can do out in the heat, during the day and at night. Go swimming, go to the beach during the day, have outdoor parties and bonfires, or fireworks at night the list of things that you can do can go on and on in a limitless way. These are just a few options that come to mind when I think about the heat of summer.

Another thing that the heat of summer offers is a fresh outlook on life or anything for that matter because one look outside at the sun, flower or pretty bugs can change your mindset which in turn can change your outlook on a specific thing. The heat of summer can do limitless things to your mind and body, when you are out in the heat or even if you are just looking at it from a window. How bright it is during the summer, can bring limitless happiness to a person when they are feeling down. That is the way I look at it, anyway.

Have you ever thought of the heat of summer as being a good thing for your mind or body? Since the heat of summer is so warm it makes people feel more comfortable and cozy which in turn makes people want to try new things and go on adventures because the comfort of the warm sun opens your mind to thinking of new things that you can do with such warm weather. Have you ever thought about the heat of summer doing that?

Since the summer smells so fresh and new it gives you a limitless fresh perspective on the things around you, wouldn't you say? Which gives your mind and body something else to look forward too. Think about when you get a tan, how fresh and new you feel because your skin is darker you feel like a new person and as though you can take on the world in so many ways, the heat of summer and the tan that you have changed your mindset into something happy and fun don't you agree?

Summer Heat
Summer Heat


Summer brings limitless possibilities when it comes to heat and time spent outside.You can spend so much time outside. It feels limitless and with that brings a lot of fun. You can go swimming, go to the beach things like that. That is what summer has to offer and that is why it is so much fun.


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    • louise-barraco profile imageAUTHOR

      Louise Barraco 

      24 months ago from Ontario

      I would love to live in a warm climate but I wouldn't change where I live either. Thanks for the comment

    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 

      4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Hi! I come from a warm country in the Far East, and our summer afternoon heat is sweltering! (That's because we're located near the equator.)

      You're right in saying that people want to go out. During this season, people flock the beaches, or just hang out in air-conditioned malls to cool off.


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