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Hello 2012 goobye 2011

Updated on July 24, 2012
New beginnings in 2012 :)
New beginnings in 2012 :) | Source
Happy couple
Happy couple | Source
August riots when to a whole new level of madness
August riots when to a whole new level of madness | Source
An iconic image of thr riots
An iconic image of thr riots | Source
some start the new year to lose weight
some start the new year to lose weight | Source
To eat healthy
To eat healthy | Source
Oabama declated no more war on iraq (finally)
Oabama declated no more war on iraq (finally) | Source

New year 2012

Hello 2012! it's the 7th day of the new year full of new beginning and new years resolution. My new years resolution has to be enjoy life more and be really grateful for the family and friends i got.Be ready to whatever life throws at me even though it may hurt :(. Many people take the new year to reflect on their past year to see what mistake can be undone or do things they should have done.As for me I am going to focus on myself and my family more and to enjoy work too. New year can also be the time to eat healthy or in other lose weight *cough cough* or go gym to tone up or whatever lol. 2011 went so fast and I did not get to say goodbye to it :( 2011 was a good year for I am thankful to Allah for giving me happiness and there was time that were tough but manage to pass through it.

Many bad things happened last year through the world which were very heart breaking and hard to watch such as the terrible earthquake in Japan Which many people lost their lives and it was the worst earthquake plus tsunami in Japan. Also the fall of Gaddafi in Libya, the tragic fighting also in Syria and Egypt.Well i can go on about the world disasters but that too heart breaking.There were joyous times too in April 2011 when Prince William married his long time love Kate Middleton in a lovely ceremony in Westminster Abbey and his Cousin Zara also got married in July too so the royals had two weddings last year.

The best part of 2011 has to on December 15th when President Obama formally declares an end to the war in Iraq, i mean finally hopefully they will out go out and Iraq will be in peace.I know there have been a bit of problems since the wa ended but I just personally find that so dodgy as soon as they leave trouble start it think America is behind this and what not they do want a new world government to control the world.But enogh about that i write about that some other times.

All I can say to everyone is to enjoy 2012 as much as you did in 2011 or learn from any mistakes or regrets you done or if you don't have any regrets that good.I hope to all of you peace,joy and happiness through this year and many more years to come.


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