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7th Bday Cake Decor Ideas

Updated on March 4, 2013

Hello Kitty Affordable Cake

I was asked by my friend to design the party of her daughter. She wanted to make her daughter's 7th birthday party a memorable one without spending a lot. Though she can buy an expensive 3 layered cake, I personally told her that she can spend the money to other things like balloon decor or hiring a magician instead of spending it with just a cake. At first, she was a bit hesitant to the idea of availing three (3) affordable cake to replace the expensive one. I explained to her that the cake that she decided to buy is edible at the bottom but the second and third layer of it is just styrofoam. As we compare the pros and cons, she agreed that it is not practical to buy that cake that will cost her around 122 dollars .

We ordered two (2) circular cakes and a rectangular one which cost her around 35 dollars. I asked her to wrap two (2) small boxes of juice with a colorful one so it will be appealing to the eyes. These boxes served as the base of the two circular cake.

To add more volume to the cake, we bought hello kitty cake toppers from a local store and placed it on the cake. She spent around 6 dollars for the toppers. The money that is supposed to use for the cake alone was used to buy souvenirs, balloons and chocolate for the chocolate fountain.

So here's the hello kitty cake that we made...

Her daughter enjoyed the party especially the blowing of cake. She was amazed seeing her cake with Hello Kitty on it. We saved a lot of money to compensate with other things needed for the party. Its really worth the effort!

Thanks for reading this hub. I hope you can make one for you without spending too much money.


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