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Help Your Kids Be Givers This Christmas

Updated on December 8, 2011

Yes I DO need ALL three!

Greedy Girl
Greedy Girl | Source

Obviously the most popular question to ask kids at Christmas time is "What do you want for Christmas?" Keywords: you and want.

I have 2 children, so don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and I love giving gifts. But unfortunately it seems, the more we stress the "What do you want for Christmas" theme with any kid, the more greedy they can become.

What Can I GIVE This Christmas?

Teaching kids how to be "givers" is a life long process BUT it has to start when they are young.

Christmas time is the best time of all to teach kids how to be givers.

By taking the focus off them and EVERYTHING they WANT for Christmas, you can show them how FUN it is be the gift giver.

Instead of buying all your gifts for one another, show your kids how to make some things.

  • Baked goods or baking mixes in canning jars are wonderful gifts for kids to make for their friends or teachers.
  • Scrap Books are things Grandparents will cherish a lifetime.
  • Homemade Gift Certificate books are wonderful for brothers and sisters as well as moms and dads. They are probably my all time favorite type of gift to give and receive. By making the certificates good for outings or acts of service that will last throughout the entire year, the spirit of Christmas won't have to end when all the decorations come down.

Showing kids how to be kind givers.
Showing kids how to be kind givers. | Source

The spirit of giving at Christmas and beyond

Teaching kids to be givers doesn't have to just end at Christmas.

When children learn how to "look" for opportunities to be givers of their time and talents especially, they will naturally become more grateful for all they have been blessed with as well.


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