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Bored? Here are a few fun ideas for summer!

Updated on July 4, 2012

Things to do this summer

Summer is well upon us and if you’re like me, the weeks have flown by with, well, almost nothing to show for it. But no longer. I have compiled a list of things to do this summer for everyone who wants to get out there and do something memorable. This is for the rich and poor, the bored and restless, the young and old…anyone can have fun or even earn some money along the way. So why don’t you get up and do something with your summer!

· Get a job (If you don’t already have one) Whether this means working in a grocery store, tutoring, mowing lawns, babysitting, being a lifeguard, or picking up road kill, it never hurts to earn a little cash.

· Travel! Even if you aren’t willing to empty your pockets (or bank account) to visit Cancun, the Bahamas, France, Italy, North Korea, or some fancy resort, you can still go on day trips to local hotspots or plan a visit with family members (ahhh… free boarding and food equals victory!) Or you can take advantage of family packages and discounts for travel!

· Go camping I mean who doesn’t enjoy that crackling fire and those heavenly gooey, golden-brown (or charred black) marshmallows that melt on your tongue. Just you and your family and friends to conquer the wilderness, roughing it in tents or under the stars (or cabins), fishing, and savoring memories to last you a lifetime.

· Clean out your house. Sounds exciting, right? Well it can be if you earn a little green along the way through yard sales or selling stuff online with sites such as Amazon.

· Lemonade Stands!! Ahhh… I remember these as a child. Your children (and you) will love a little taste of business no matter how little or how much they make. To increase sales, offer cookies or other homemade goods.

· Go to the beach. Nothing spells summer like a sea of beach towels, bikinis, sandcastles, and the waves full of surfers, boats, and swimmers. Make it an all day event with your family especially the kids (don’t forget sunscreen!).

· Visit an amusement park. Water parks, especially, are loads of fun in the summer with waterslides, log rides, pools, roller coasters, and ice-cream!

· Volunteer! What better way to spend your summer than helping those in need? There are so many places you can help out such as your local library, food bank, or animal shelter. Many places also have community clean ups and events such as parades where they’re always in need of help. Ask your friends to join too! There are also life-changing mission trips or other programs that will take you around your community or even the world to engage in activities such as house building.

· Read! Expand your imagination and vocabulary through books. It’s great to do on a rainy day and even at the beach!

· Do something crazy. Everyone has one thing they have always dreamed of doing. What’s stopping you now? This summer you can climb a mountain, skydive, bungee jump, run a marathon…you name it!

· Learn something new. Whether it is learning how to swim, dance, how to play an instrument, or acquiring a new language, it never hurts to add a new skill (and it gives you boasting rights).

· Get a makeover! Change your hairstyle, get a manicure and pedicure, go to a spa, get a facial…just be you! Have a girls (or guys…) day out with your friends! It’ll make you feel beautiful inside and out.

· Lead a healthier lifestyle. Eat more fruits and vegetables, limit processed foods, incorporate exercise into your weekly schedule, and lose some weight in the process.

What are you going to do this summer?

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Fresh summer watermelonRoasting marshmallowsLemonade Stand
Fresh summer watermelon
Fresh summer watermelon
Roasting marshmallows
Roasting marshmallows
Lemonade Stand
Lemonade Stand

What are you going to do this summer?

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    • profile image

      Elizabeth Cervantes 5 years ago

      I Am Doing A Reserch About Summer For An Essay

      This Is Going To Be The Best Essay Ever. !!!(:

    • profile image

      rosa 5 years ago

      i thimk this are graet advicces

      im a 5th grader and im doing a reserch of the summer this is going to be the best summer story