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Hipster Ariel, Minion, and Candy Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated on October 2, 2014
Henkaa's Hipster Ariel Costume :)
Henkaa's Hipster Ariel Costume :)

1. Hipster Ariel Costume

Saw this cool Halloween costume idea since I love the classic Little Mermaid movie so I wanted to see how Henkaa made it.

Materials You Will Need:

  1. Sakura Emerald green maxi convertible dress
  2. Lavender purple bandeau
  3. Magenta purple sash
  4. Wayfarer style glasses
  5. a fork

Steps to Create the Costume:

  1. First put on the lavender purple bandeau and then grab the magenta purple sash . You will position the sash to your center back and wrap it around your bust as if you were tying a dress in the love style and tie the ends into a double knot at your lower back.
  2. You will next put on the Sakura emerald green maxi convertible dress and wrap in a bandage style skirt. The tighter you wrap it the more restricted your knees will be, so you will truly feel like a real mermaid on land:)
  3. And as Ariel always holds in the Disney movie, her fork of course, to brush her beautiful hair:)

Bethany Mota wearing her own Minion costume creation.
Bethany Mota wearing her own Minion costume creation.

2. Minion Girl Costume

This Despicable Me DIY Minion costume is so cute and easy to do for Halloween:) As seen in Bethany Mota.

Materials You Will Need:

  1. A basic yellow t-shirt (short or long-sleeved)
  2. Jean overalls
  3. Black gloves
  4. styrofoam cups to make the minion gogles
  5. a black work-out headband to hold the gogles
  6. A yellow beanie hat
  7. black sharpie to draw in the minion symbol on the jean overalls
  8. glue gun
  9. gray spray paint

Steps to Create your Costume:

  1. Once you have put on your yellow t-shirt and drawn your minion symbol with black sharpie marker, you will create the minion goggles by cutting the Styrofoam cups into thick circles, then you will glue the two circles together with glue gun.
  2. Paint the goggle circles gray using a gray sharpie or a gray spray paint.
  3. Then you will attach the black work-out headband on the circle goggles to make them look like minion goggles.
  4. Wear you minion goggles, and your yellow beanie hat and you are all set:)

Bethany Mota Minion Costume :)

Which Costume is your Favorite?

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Facts about Witches

1. Wicca is a witch religion, most witches are called pagans or Wiccans.

2. A large percentage of witches are vegetarians.

3. Witches use herbs, incense, candles, oils to cast spells. They never sacrifice animals or humans.

4. The five points of the pentagram are: earth, water, air, fire, and spirit.

5. Witches do not believe in Satan.

6. Wiccans and Pagans have two main gods they worship, the Lord and the Lady.

7. A large percentage of witches believe in reincarnation.

8. In Sweden during the 17th century, many were accused of being witches just because they looked and acted differently.

9. There are a few witches that practice Christianity, their religion is called Xtianity. Some just call themselves Christian Witches.

A group of girls dressed up as their favorite candy.
A group of girls dressed up as their favorite candy.

4. Candy Costume

This costume idea is super easy to do and great as a last minute costume idea.

What You Will Need:

  1. An orange shirt or of any other color from your favorite candy.
  2. clothes paint to paint the logo of your favorite candy brand name.
  3. black tights


  1. Simply paint creating the logo brand name of your favorite candy into your shirt and once it is dry then you are ready to dress yourself up as your favorite candy:)
  2. If you are not good at painting the logo then I would suggest buying a shirt that has your favorite candy logo name on it, if you can find one at a store or online.

Other Fun Halloween Costume Ideas


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