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Holiday shopping for Children With Autism

Updated on September 17, 2014

The Autistic Toy Store is a place where parents and grandparents can find autism games, toys and other learning aids that spark children's imagination, and inspire creativity through sensory play.

"We have a growing selection of top sensory development toys and games for children of all ages," said Cecilia Shortt, the store's owner. "We've researched each game and toy for its ability to meet the developmental needs of children with autism spectrum disorder. No toy or game is added to the Autistic Toy Store which does not develop children with autism sensory skills."

Shortt added, "The Autistic Toy Store is not your ordinary autism toy store. It is better! Because, the Autistic Toy Store specialize in development games and toys for children with sensory development delays. We've also sorted each item into a developmental category to make it easy for parents and caregivers of children with autism spectrum disorder to quickly find the most beneficial sensory development toys and games."

Most parents do not have the time or resources it takes to research sensory development games and toys, because they are busy caring for their children! The Autistic Toy Store is ideal for those busy parents who are looking for a fast and easy way to find specific sensory development games and toys to use at home and help develop basic life skills in a way that is fun and safe.

All the sensory development games and toys at the autistic toy store offer multiple benefits for children with autism spectrum disorder. Which is a bonus for parents!

Shortt said she was inspired to open the Autistic Toy Store after listening to numerous parents of children with autism spectrum disorder complain, “It is so hard to find autism games and toys," and, “I do not know what to shop for or what to buy.” Many said, “I do not have time to browse around my local children's toy store, or go from website to website to find the right development games and toys for my special needs child”.

Parents are looking for an easy one-stop shop for sensory development games and toys for their special needs children. They do not want to spend hours in the toy store aisles, searching through different games and toys looking for that one toy or game that will help with their child's sensory development needs. The process is too time consuming!

They like that the Autistic Toy Store makes shopping for an autistic child a hassle-free experience. Parents simply need to know what area of development their child need to work on. Go to that section of the Autistic Toy Store; select the games and toys they can use at home to help their children develop basic life skills; add them to cart, and check out. Everything from the Autistic Toy Store is shipped free. Parents cannot go wrong with their selection, because each toy and game in a specific category benefits children sensory development needs.

Parents, grandparents and other family members from all over the world purchase sensory development games and toys for their special needs child from the Autistic Toy Store. "Before discovering the Autistic Toy Store, many families were unable to buy a suitable toy for a child with special needs in their family," Shortt said. "Now, we are their first choice when it come to selecting safe, fun, engaging games and toys that benefit sensory development."

We also have a wide selection of quiet fidget toys that develop children's focus and concentration. They help to reduce stress and keep children calm, by keeping their hands busy and distracting them. These fidget toys are small and make ideal items for children to use while waiting in the doctor's office, at school, traveling in the car, on long trips and more.

Visit the Autistic toy Store online for all your holiday shopping needs for your special needs child.


This is only the beginning. Visit often to see what's new!
This is only the beginning. Visit often to see what's new! | Source


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