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Hold a debate party

Updated on August 15, 2011

A themed debate party.

Fed up with the same old dinner parties, men talking football, women about Eastenders. Why not hold a themed debate party. It can be as cheap or expensive as you like, as small or large and for any age.

The first thing to think about is "what can I afford". Well it can be as simple as you like, food can consist of snacks and bring your own wine, tea and cakes, bought in pizza up to a full blown dinner party. You can splash out on decorations and costumes or not.

All you need is a few people and an idea.

When choosing who to invite try to pick from different age groups and make sure you have a real sceptic and some one who will believe anything!

Black seminole Indians.

 Discuss wether black people reached the Americas before Columbus.

Start your research with the Bard of Ely......

 This is just one idea but it shows how easy it is to start looking for them. Hub pages is a great place to start because of the wide diversity of subjects I'll put some more links at the bottom of the page.

I said about inviting all age groups and that means children too, of course they may not be able to communicate in language as well as adults, but are excellent at putting thier point across with crayons and paper.

Try to make it so that everyone gets a small item to take home as a reminder of the night, or indeed day. Imagination will be needed, but some thing like an alien key ring, a mummys coffin pencil case, could do. Maybe for children sweets of some kind, flying saucers come to mind.

The most important thing about your theme is that it is suitable for the age groups involved, my son had one about the controversies surrounding the twin tower disaster, not reallys for kids that one.

Don't forget libaries are a good free resourse for books and videos and the internet is full of  ideas for and against just about anything.

Hope this has given you a fresh take on dinner parties,



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