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Holi - Eternal Raas Leela

Updated on March 21, 2016
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Silently a thought knocks my mind, the knock gets louder by the night, slowly I open the door to let it in as the story unfolds in words.

Krishna and Radha

Krishna and Radha
Krishna and Radha | Source

Oh Krishna ! My love

your Radha walks

in a trance,

lost to the world,

dancing to the melody

of your flirtatious flute.

While the world sleeps,

the forest of Vrindavan

sways like the hips

of a veiled temptress.

Leaves rustle joyously

as the trees give way

to the Gopis,

their anklets

shattering the silence

of the night,

as they hasten

to the river ghat

swimming with stars.

The stage is set

for the Raas Leela.

My cheeks blush

turning a crimson hue,

with passions burning,

as you aim the Pichkari

drenching my soul

with colours of rainbow.

Oh Krishna ! You embrace me

around my waist

in a love-lock,

across boundaries

of time and space.

I gaze intoxicated

into your eyes

adorned with Gulal

as we play Holi,

only You and Me.

The envious audience

looks on

to catch a glimpse

of our eternal love story.

Colors of Rainbow lit the night sky
Colors of Rainbow lit the night sky | Source


A markerVrindavan, India -
Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh 281121, India
get directions

Lord Krishna spend his childhood days in Vrindavan.

A Pebble for your Thoughts

© 2016 Ankita Siddiqui

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