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Holiday 2012 Shopping Ideas

Updated on October 16, 2012


Early Indications for Hot Toys

We'd all like to be ahead of the game and get the best toys for our kids during the holidays. And we certainly would like to be able to do it without scrambling. But unfortunately that is exactly what many of us will end up doing. It really is not necessary either. The problem is that we wait too long during the holiday season and the hot items always sell out.

The retailers often can get more of the hot items in but that is when the craziness starts. The simple solution to avoiding all of that is to get started now. It is the middle of October as I write this and nobody is thinking about Christmas yet. But we are. And our indications of what is going to be hot has been compiled and ready for you to take a look.

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Top 3 Hot Toys 2012

There are plenty more than 3 toys that are trending right now but we've decided to focus on the top 3 and then point you in a direction for a more detailed analysis. The early indications for top toys of the shopping season 2012 at The Furby (new edition), Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and LeapFrogs LeapPad Explorer 2. The major retailers have made available extra shelf space for these and they seem to be moving well both online and off.

How Did We Compile This Research?

We have custom software that scours various large players such as Amazon and eBay. Plus we often crosscheck it against WalMart data and other big vendors. Further, we have taken advantage of paid research from trusted partners that we used to compile our data. In the end, there had to be some judgement call on our part. But it comes from careful analysis of the data provided.

The Furby


Hot Toy Number 1 - The Furby

Yes, they are back. Hasbro has made many changes to this once hot seller to make it a supercharged version. It is being nicknamed the Furby Reboot. The interesting take away from the research that we have gathered is that buyers of the 1998 original Furby could be interested in this release but many of them are adults now. So they are targeting two potentially interested parties: kids and adults that were previous owners. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out!

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