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Simple Jewelry to Light up Your Fan's Holiday.

Updated on October 29, 2015

Team colors for Sedona Bracelet

Completed team color bracelet
Completed team color bracelet | Source

What to Give

It is always fun to have something for each person for the holidays. Often the budget isn't the problem, but not knowing sizes or likes and dislikes can make shopping a nightmare. How about a starting a new tradition this year. Most of us know someone who loves a particular college or professional sports team. Why not make something that will last and will help that person on your list to support their favorite team. There are dozens of team gear stores out there, but for a fraction of the price a team scarf or bracelet can be made. There are dozens of other items including team knit hats and gloves, but a nice bracelet or scarf can be easily made in a short time.

Jewelry supplies

Bracelet closure
Bracelet closure | Source
Bead Stringing Wire
Bead Stringing Wire | Source
Crimp Beads
Crimp Beads | Source
Beads and Wire ready to go
Beads and Wire ready to go | Source

Making the bracelet

Things you will need for this bracelet.

When making a bracelet, a crimp tool can be used and is available at craft stores or the crimp bead can be closed using a standard plier. If using a plier, try to use one with a smooth surface.

  1. Choose beads in your team's colors. The size can vary and is a personal preference. Once the bead size is chosen, you will need:
  • Split rings in a correponding size to the bead. The smaller the bead, the smaller the split rings. If you are new to jewelry making you may need some guidance from a sales associate.
  • A closure which can be a lobster claw type or other type as shown in picture.
  • Bead stringing wire. There are different colors of stringing wire. The most popular colors are clear and silver tone. This is not for stretch bracelets, so read all the information on the package. Match the colors to your beads. Some of the wire will be seen after the bracelet is completed, so it is important what color you pick.


The length of wire/string depends on your wrist.Extra may be better because it is easier to cut off some rather than restring if it is too short.


  • Cut two length of stringing wire the same length.
  • Holding the string together, first put on a crimp bead and then put the two ends through one of the closures. It doesn't matter what closure end is used first. Leave enough extra string so when it goes through the crimp, extra string can be hidden behind the first bead.
  • The first bead will be strung on both wires, so it is straight. Note: It is good to begin and end with the same color.
  • Then take one bead and put it on both strings and pull so it as close to the closure as possible. The first couple of beads may appear to be too far apart, but they will come together more as the bead is threaded.
  • Then put a split ring on both pieces of the string wire. Then take your secondary color and string it on one string only which is opposite the first color.
  • The split rings are used after each bead and is slipped on both wires.

Bracelet in Progress

Work in Progress
Work in Progress | Source

Ending Bracelet

Make the bracelet the desire length. The last bead will go on both stringing wires, as did the first. Then put a crimp bead on the string. Then put the string through last closing piece, depending on what was chosen. Finally push both strings through the crimp bead and the last bead. Pull together snuggly. Once the beads are together, then crimp the bead with a crimping tool. Wait until the completely finished to cut off any excess wire. The best way is cutting it off after it is threaded through the last bead which helps to hid the wire and makes the bracelet more secure.

Last bead and crimp
Last bead and crimp | Source
completed bracelet
completed bracelet | Source

Team Scarf

Another idea as the weather turns cold is a team scarf. The fleece with the team's logo on it can be found at most craft stores. Decide first how many scarves to make. The specialty logo makes the fleece expensive, so decide how may are needed.

Decide how long and how wide the scarf should be. Fifty-six inches long and about 6" wide will make a nice scarf, but it is a matter of individual taste. The cloth can be pre-washed to make sure it won't fade, but most of the team fleece doesn't fade.

Take a metal yard stick and measure 6" for the width of the scarf. Then cut along that line. It is important to have a sharp scissors. A large flat surface like a cutting board will help as it is marked with some measurements.

Once the length is cut, mark six, 1" lengths about 3-4" from each end. Carefully cut along the ends, keeping the fringe equal in length.

That is all there is to making a team spirit scarf that is worthy of the biggest sports' fan.

Team Scarf

How to begin
How to begin | Source
Final Product
Final Product | Source
Cutting the Fringe
Cutting the Fringe | Source
Team Scarf, Bracelet, and a Homemade necklace.
Team Scarf, Bracelet, and a Homemade necklace. | Source

Simple Pendant

Items to Make Necklace
Items to Make Necklace | Source
Simple pendant.  This one has an acorn cap, but a bead will work just as well.
Simple pendant. This one has an acorn cap, but a bead will work just as well. | Source


Try making an unique pendant in the team colors. Find a large bead, with smaller contrasting beads, and a 20 gauage wire found in the jewelry dept of craft stores.

A needle nose or round plier will be needed for the necklace.

  • Cut a 12" piece of wire (color will depend on the bead and effect).
  • Take the round nose plier and make a small closed circle at one end of the wire.
  • Thread a small bead down the wire. Then the larger bead, then an accent bead on the end.
  • Take a round nose plier and make a bail (ending to thread chain or rope through). A bail maker tool is good to do this, but is not necessary.

The red and black pendant in the picture and the pink pendant have acorns added to them for a different effect, but is not necessary and a bead with a long of bling makes a great pendant. The blue and white pendant is simple.

Use black cording or any chain that compliments the colors that will accent the bead.

Go enjoy the game with unique team accessories.

Once you make the bail, the pendant is ready for a chain or nylon cord which works nicely on an inexpensive pendant.
Once you make the bail, the pendant is ready for a chain or nylon cord which works nicely on an inexpensive pendant. | Source
Blue and white pendant
Blue and white pendant | Source


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