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Holiday Corporate Gift Bag Ideas

Updated on March 10, 2014

Why Give Corporate Gifts?

One of the most important tasks within a corporation is thanking all the people who make the business a success. Whether important clients or key employees, it is essential that your corporation show appreciation.

But corporate gift bags and gift baskets have another purpose: they present an opportunity to build your company’s brand. How do you do this successfully while giving a useful, thoughtful gift?


Choosing a Bag Style

The bag can take any number of forms, depending on your budget and your corporation’s identity. For instance, if your business is very casual and laidback, or at least gives that impression, then a beach bag-style will be perfect. If you are more buttoned up, a classic gift bag or neutral tote might suit your style better.

Here are some ideas:

  • Monogram tote bags. If budget allows, have one that is more masculine, one that is feminine, and one that is neutral. Choose colors that coordinate with your brand’s image, and include a discreet, and very classy, luggage tag with your name and logo.
  • A stylish gift bag. These aren’t as strictly useful as the tote bags, but they do help dress a gift up and make the recipients feel more appreciated.
  • A beach bag or canvas bag.
  • A reusable shopping bag. These are ideal because then your brand is out there each time your recipients go shopping. The bags are useful for holding the gifts, and can be reused for years afterwards. If your corporate identity is concerned with being green or eco-conscious, this is the way to go.


Don't Go "Logo-Crazy"

The key to a great corporate gift bag is to incorporate your company’s logo and/or name into the gifts in a way that is unobtrusive, so that the recipient still wants to use it after they receive it.

That is, you don’t want to include bumper stickers with your logo, decals with your logo, banners with your logo… the corporate holiday gifts need to have a purpose for the recipient other than to advertise your brand.

Make Your Own Gift Bag & Save Money


What to Fill With

Now, what to put into the great bag you’ve selected. Again, you want to incorporate your brand without being obnoxious about it.

Think practicality and usefulness for the recipient first. You can also choose a theme upon which to build your bag. Food is always a success, especially when you include gourmet treats.

Filler Ideas

To start, here are some non-food items that you can give that also present you with opportunities to subtly spread your brand:

  • Travel coffee cups and personalized mugs.
  • Steel or aluminum water bottles. These help build the image of a sleek, resourceful, and eco-conscious corporation, without you having to say a word.
  • Pens.
  • Neoprene sleeves for laptops or tablets with your name and logo and a great design.
  • Multi-functional tools with your logo engraved on the surface.
  • Items related to your business that show off your creativity. Say you have a business which deals with international clients and associates frequently. You can gift a magnetic world globe puzzle with your name or logo emblazoned on the base. This is a 3D puzzle that will be a great paperweight at the office – and a boredom killer as well! Say you have a large landscaping business. You can include a seed packet or bulb starter sets in a custom package. The options are endless.


What items would you most enjoy in a business bag?

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Corporate Food Gift Image courtesy of All About Gifts & Baskets
Corporate Food Gift Image courtesy of All About Gifts & Baskets | Source

Food Filler Ideas

Food gifts are always useful and nearly always appreciated. Try some of the following:

  • Gourmet coffees, cocoas, and teas.
  • Gourmet flavored holiday popcorn. Go for something a bit unusual, like peppermint or sesame popcorn.
  • Pretzels and chocolate-dipped pretzels.
  • Mixed nuts, such as roasted, flavored almonds.
  • Local products. Celebrate the community of which you are a part. Include some preserves, syrup, or other local treats.
  • Gourmet logo cookies or biscuits. Biscotti are always an elegant choice, and it is excellent with coffee, tea, or cocoa.
  • Gourmet jelly beans or other custom candies.
  • Parmesan crackers and a zesty pepper relish.
  • Wine, champagne, or sparkling cider.

The Thought That Counts

You don’t have to fill the bag with all of these treats; select a few that will show the recipient that you care and appreciate him and value his role in the corporation.

And remember, this is a great opportunity to build your brand, but do it discreetly and as a secondary mission to the actual holiday gift giving.

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    • janices7 profile image

      Janice S 

      5 years ago

      Great ideas for what to put in the bag. Love the stainless steel water bottles.

    • jkvkdailey4 profile image


      5 years ago from Minnesota

      Food gifts are the best - I love the tower with a company logo on the ribbon!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      This really doesn't apply to me, but you have some great ideas here; nice job Pink!


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