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Holiday Décor - Go Green!

Updated on May 27, 2015
This Year, try going green... All while lighting up the block.
This Year, try going green... All while lighting up the block.

LED Lights are Taking Christmas By Storm

From Christmas trees to exterior and interior house decoration, consider LED wiring for the holidays. Light Emitting Diode (LED) holiday lights are a new application for a mature technology. LED wire is more environmentally friendly. It uses less 90% less electricity when compared to incandescent lighting. LEDs are constructed from tiny solid-state chips similar to those used in computers. These chips directly convert electricity to light without the use of a filament or glass bulb. Instead, the chips are encapsulated in solid plastic that can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes.

This latest development in decorative lighting technology promises to change the way people decorate their homes, businesses, and even towns for many years to come. Less power consumption, longer product life, and durability without the hazards of excess heat build-up should make the holiday season brighter, safer, and ecologically more sound. For the cost of turning your string Christmas lights on one time, you could power the entire season of LED Christmas lights.

In addition to holiday lights, LEDs are also used in traffic lights, exit signs, large display screens (like those in Times Square), signal and interior lights in automobiles, desk lamps, under-cabinet lights, porch lights, and street lights.

Entire cities are starting to take their old Christmas String Lights and changing them out with new age LED Light string lights. The colors are more vibrant, the lights last longer, and it saves the city thousands on electricity costs over the holiday season. Ever thought you would get tired of the annoying string of Christmas lights you have to get out of the rats nest every year, change out the multiple lights that have somehow died from the year before, or even trying to troubleshoot when one light goes out why all the rest of them do too? Getting tired of the same boring dull lights? If you want to blow away the competition for next year's annual block Christmas tree lighting, consider LED Lights for your project.


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