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Holiday Gifts for Photographers - Part I: Stocking Stuffers

Updated on December 15, 2011

With so many items available for photography, what makes a good gift?

As a photographer I know two truths. One you can never have enough photography equipment and two photography equipment is expensive!

So if you have a photographer on your gift list this Christmas season you might be perplexed at what to get him or her as a gift. From the outside looking into their world it may seem that they have everything they need and they might be constantly buying equipment for themselves all year, so what else could one possible buy them?

Or you might be concerned about buying the wrong size or quality of item. Photographers are rather picky fellows and they do lust after the most expensive and highest quality items, usually out of their price range. But there are always a few items you can pick up that will show them that you care and appreciate their talents behind the viewfinder. Here are a few ideas.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Photographers

There are lots of need little gadgets for photographers that would qualify as stocking stuffers. Most commonly these filters screw on to the front of the lens. Other types are square and require a special holder that screws on to the lens.

You just need to know the size of the lens the filters will go on. These are measured in millimeters such as "49mm" or "52mm" Your photographer friend might already have some of the more common filters such as a polarizing filter but they might not have some of the more creative filters such as a star filter that turns points of light into six or eight pointed stars.

Here are some other ideas:

  • If your photographer friend loses a lot of lens caps it might be fun to get him/her and assortment of replacement lens caps.
  • Clean equipment produces the best photographs, your photographer might like some cleaning cloths or lens wipes.
  • Flash diffusers help spread out the light from a flash to avoid harsh shadows and they are small and inexpensive.
  • Small "cheat sheets" are available and handy to have. Below is an example of a set of tip cards that you can clip on to your camera strap or camera bag.
  • A new camera strap can help with the weight of a fully loaded camera and is a nice upgrade from the cheap camera straps that come with cameras.


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