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Holiday Survival Kit Necessities

Updated on December 7, 2010
Make sure your holiday survival kit is well-stocked.
Make sure your holiday survival kit is well-stocked.

Visiting family for the holidays? Meeting your boyfriend's parents? Visiting your in-laws? Here are some essential must-haves for your holiday survival kit.

Extra clothing

All too often, trips to visit family or friends tend to last a little longer than expected. Don't be caught without the clothing you need to survive extra days with the family. Pack a few extra pairs of underwear, stockings and socks. Be sure to include extra outfits for any parties, worship activities or events you may be invited to.

Flying? Be prepared

The TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) is cracking down on its air travel requirements, so it's best to be prepared. The TSA flying rules can be tricky to remember. Be ready to remove your shoes (it's for this reason that I always wear flip flops when I fly) laptop computers and cameras before checking through security. Wrap your gifts when you get to your destination, as you may be required to unwrap your gifts during screening.

Bringing some of your famous homemade jelly to share with Grandma? Be sure to secure it in your checked baggage if it's over four ounces. That includes any lotions, shampoos or other hair products. Which brings me to my next point...

Don't forget your hair products!

Wearing hair extensions this holiday season? Don't forget to bring extra weave glue adhesive, scissors, hair weaving needles and thread and flat irons. Your hostess may not have these items, and you may need them to do quick touch ups. Bring extra clip on bangs, ponytails and hair wefts to change up your look for holiday photo shoots.

Extra gifts

I always pack a few extra trinkets to give in case of a surprise visit from a long-lost relative. Bring a gift that is unique to your region or city, or bring something handmade for a special touch. Always bring a gift for your host and hostess. Pack extra small toys for any children that may be present.

Headache medicine

You'll need it! Make sure you have plenty on hand to get through the hectic holiday season.

Bring your extra clip on ponytails to be photo ready at all times!
Bring your extra clip on ponytails to be photo ready at all times!


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