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Holiday Traditions to Start With Your Kids

Updated on January 11, 2016

Christmas Eve Box

Start with a box. You can decorate it yourself or get a reusable Christmas box that can be used each year. This is a box they get to open every year on Christmas Eve that is filled with all sorts of fun things for Christmas eve night. You can also include the grandparents, having them add a gift each.

Things to include:

  • Christmas movies
  • Hot chocolate
  • Christmas bottle/ sippy cup/ mug (depending on age)
  • Movie snacks
  • PJs
  • Games
  • Coloring books

Countdown With Books

A good countdown to christmas (that is healthier than chocolate) is books! A book for every day of December until Christmas. You can also do the 12 days of Christmas with books. Twenty four books can get expensive so shop children consignment stores or book warehouses. You can often buy good quality books (slightly used) for as low as $1.00. Individually wrap each book so kids are excited to open a present every night and then read that book together before bedtime.

Christmas Book Countdown



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Candy Cane Hunt

Similar to the Easter egg hunt, you can do a candy cane hunt for the kids. Hide mini candy canes around the house and have them find it. You can also do small wrapped (ring box sized) presents filled with Christmas themed candy and/or dollar bills. Get as creative as you want. Regardless of what they are hunting for, kids love to look for things!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

For older kids, make up a bunch of Christmas related clues and have them do a scavenger hunt. Hide the clues all around them house. The end can lead to a small gift, candy, or the Christmas eve box.

Santa Countdown

Decorating Food

There are so many yummy things to decorate, and kids love it. Ideas include:

  • Gingerbread houses
  • Gingerbread men
  • Sugar Cookies (Christmas shapes)

No matter what you decide to do, make sure there is plenty for everyone. Include extended family and friends and make it a big decorating party. Example: Make several sugar cookies (enough for everyone to frost 2 or 3 cookies), put together many different colors of frosting and different types of sprinkles. Invite everyone over, order a pizza and decorate cookies!

Get Involved in Charity

There are so many great charity options that you can get involved in during the Christmas season. Do your research and talk to your kids about the importance of giving. Have them participate as much as possible. Charities to consider:

  • Toys for Tots
  • The Holiday Project
  • Holiday Mail for Heroes
  • Charity Gift Catalog
  • Operation Christmas Child

Deliver Handmade Cards

Kids love to make and decorate cards. Have them make as many as they want and deliver them to local hospitals, police stations, and emergency response locations. Don't forget to have them thank everyone for their service. Another card idea is to call the local hospital, ask for the pediatric ward. Inquire about how many kids are currently there and if your kids would be allowed to deliver holiday cards to them. You could also do this with nursing homes. Who better to spread holiday cheer than kids?


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