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Holiday money

Updated on December 30, 2014

Holiday Spending

It is that time of the year again when people make merry, and everyone is jolly. Some of you are even on winter vacation at the moment, so people spend like there is no tomorrow. But as we make merry, we forget that there are bills to be paid next year. School also has to be resumed, the children want new clothes for winter, there is that new gadget you had your eye on for the whole of last year, and you still do not have it in your hands. Holidays can be stressful for some people financially. Most people engage in family competition of the wealthiest, which I never understand.

So, the best way to spend your holidays is to spend as you had originally planned. Do not be sucked in by that monster called compulsiveness. Most people have this especially when they realize that what they want is on sale. Do not get me wrong, sales and discounts are a good thing. But honey, everything during the holidays is on sale. So what happens when you see a bunch of things that you wanted on sale? You go buy them, and they were not even on your list. So, you will end up with a bunch of credit debt on your hands. So, make a list. If you can afford that special thing you wanted and you are sure it is on sale, put it on that list.

Buy things in bulk before the holidays take a toll. This helps avoid less hassle over shopping for essential things. It also avoids that adrenaline rush that occurs that makes you want to buy everything off the shelves. Buy the essentials that you can in bulk when they are on sale of course to avoid the last minute rush. Unless of course you are an adrenaline junkie.

Before you spend money for the holidays, pay the bills, for this month and the next if you can. Then use the rest of the money for Christmas shopping. This helps relieve the stress, plus you really do not want to have guests over for shopping then cable goes off. There is no use having foodstuff around for cooking when there is no gas for that. Also, the next month will be a relief for you because all you have to concentrate on is how to pay the rest of the bills that are not so urgent.

Remember that it is your Christmas. That means that you have to give what you can afford, not what everyone else thinks that you can afford. Be strong enough to say NO to bad advice and avoid running yourself into debt so that you can impress people. The holidays are about family, not what family affords. As long as everyone is alive and healthy, thank God for that, because there are some that have not lived long enough to see the end of the year, but God-willing, you will.

Have yourselves a marvelous time with the family. Happy holidays from your girl. Be safe, and please, do not drink and drive. Be responsible enough during this time.

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