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Holidays- Thanksgiving

Updated on November 25, 2013


Thanksgiving is a holiday too many people forget about. When November starts most people start thinking of Christmas. We need to keep our Holidays in order- Thanksgiving and the Christmas. Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday in the month of November.

As children we are taught in school that the first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans-Indians. We learned that the Pilgrims harvested their crops for winter, then they celebrated the harvest with a feast for 3 days. The Pilgrims did not celebrate their feast the following year.

George Washington, after the Revolutionary War, proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday. In 1789 he wrote a proclamation on Thanksgiving. He assigned the 26th day of November to be the day of thanks to that Glorious Being who gave us so much. When Lincoln was president he moved Thanksgiving to the last Thursday in the month of November. At times the last Thursday is the fifth Thursday in the month of November and ends up to close to Christmas. Franklin D. Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving to the fourth Thursday of November in order to help retailors to do business for Christmas.

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all we have. To praise our Lord for what he has given us. We go through our lives taking everything we have for granted. Why? Because we believe we deserve it all and more. When was the last time anyone took the time to give thanks to God for what you have? Eyes to be able to see- the beauty around us, read a book, watch television, look at a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Christmas lights so colorful and bright.

How about Ears? They are part of us but do we thank God? If we did not have ears we would not be able to listen to music, hear other people talk, chat on the phone. Ladies would not be able to wear earrings. To hear the sound of a baby or child, a bird chirping. This and more we need to be thankful for.

Our hands and fingers- yes they are part of our body, but we should not take them for granted. Thank the Lord for them- to be able to pick a baby up, hold a puppy or kitten close. The fingers are needed to write, hold a fork, spoon or glass. How would a young person be able to text like they do without hands and fingers. We all need to Thank God for this.

Another part of us-our feet. What if we did not have them? How could we walk, pedal a bike or drive a car. We would not be able to walk all around town to get candy for Halloween. Walk up to Santa to give him our wish list for Christmas.

God has provided us with grass, trees and flowers. All these things we take for granted thinking they are always there. Well, someone invented them and helps them grow and that one great person is Our Lord.

For our ability to grow crops and harvest them. Think how proud we are when we are able to produce something in the soil of our land. We may plant them, but God in his great love for us helps those crops grow as well. He sends sun to warm them, rain to feed them. He knows what they need and helps us.

Then we have the food and drink that he provides us with. We make it, bake it, roast it and eat it. Remember it came to be from someone. Also water God sends it to us to help to keep us hydrated. Water is used in so many things and without it what would we do?

I remember when I was growing up I did not understand the meaning of Thanksgiving. To me it was a day to gather with the family and eat turkey, and other goodies that my mom and grandmother prepared. Also a day to watch the parades on television, that was always a must and was not Thanksgiving if I did not see Santa come down the street in the parade.

I have since grown up and have really learned the meaning of Thanksgiving. We have Church services the eve of Thanksgiving and the the morning of. There is nothing like going to Church to praise God for all he has given me. I still like to watch the parade and as I will admit I am a child at heart, so I have to also see Santa Claus come down the parade route.

Than I love to gather with my loved ones and celebrate. We take time to remember those who have gone before us and the wonderful memories we have. Going over to my grandmothers with all my aunts, uncles and cousins. Those were wonderful times. After we remember it is then time to make new memories with the family and friends we have here with us. We all say what we are thankful for. Then before we dig into the meal we say a prayer.

Grace before Meals

Bless us O, Lord,

And these thy gifts,

Which we are about to receive from thy Bounty.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen

There are other prayers to say, but the main idea is to give thanks to out Lord above for all we have. For all he has bestowed on us. Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends. It is beautiful Holiday and if one can think of it first before Christmas- then you will understand the true meaning of the day. Thanksgiving - a day to give thanks, for peace and goodwill.

So, enjoy your turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. First through give Thanks that you have all of that, your health, family, friends, love and more. I love you dear Lord, my God in Heaven for all the gifts you have given me. Please forgive all the wrong I have done and help me one day get to spend eternal life with you. Amen

Video- Now Thank we All Our God



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