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Hollywood Party

Updated on July 12, 2011

Hollywood Party Ideas

Hollywood theme party

When throwing a Hollywood Party you must think glitz and glam. We hosted a Hollywood Party and it was a huge success and everyone had tons of fun.

First decide on your guest list and send out invitations with date, time and description of the party. The list is endless on how to design invitations. My favorite is the old timey movie clapboard which can be done in basic black and white. You can narrow it down by deciding the era of the party also. An old Hollywood party can be before 1950 and a more modern one could be present day. Our party was a mixture of both. You and also request guests to dress as their favorite movie star and then you all can try to guess who they are upon entrance to the party or just wear fancy dress like going to a Hollywood premier and play that movie almost half way through your party. Serve your guests popcorn from a vintage popcorn machine and cold drinks. You can also buy theatre candy to be scattered around the room.

Next decide on decorations. We used black table clothes with pearls, mirrors, candles, silver floating candles as centerpieces. Silver stars scattered throughout the room and silver star confetti scattered on the tables. Hang large silver stars from the ceiling, attach to walls using sticky tack and a fringe curtain over the entry door. We rolled out a red carpet on the sidewalk and hung white Christmas lights over an arbor as the entryway. We had people assigned as paparazzi taking pictures as people entered the party and were available after the party on face book.

Your local movie theatre will gladly donate used posters and stand ups if you are willing to come get them and reassemble them at your event. Depending of the room size, the larger the better. You can order old movie posters online for an added variety. Autographed pictures of stars can be ordered on eBay and scattered throughout the room. This adds a fun aspect to your party and great conversation starter. Think of movies that you have seen or research them online and you can purchase items of similar appearance and say they are movie props. Like red glitter slippers (Wizard of Oz Dorothy’s ruby red slippers), long old timey dress (Shirley Jones dress in Oklahoma), bandana (Jack Sparrows bandana from Pirates of the Caribbean), etc. depending on the era you chose.

Music can be played in the background from the movies of your choice. If a musical you can play the soundtrack. You can also try to find old record albums from the thrift stores to hang around the walls from your favorite movies.

Food could be fancy or frugal. Fancy would be a sit down dinner of salad, roast beef, and dessert. Frugal could be wine and cheese or finger foods. Mix and mingle til time for the movie to start.

We had a wonderful time during our party and you will to - just let your imagination run wild and you and your guests will have a memorable evening.


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