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Homemade Cake–Unique Birthday Gift

Updated on October 24, 2012

A person can celebrate his/her birthday in many ways. At times, this special day in one's life can pass without any celebration while on the other hand there are people who are able to throw a big party to celebrate their birthday with friends and family members. The sky is the limit for those who want to celebrate the day they were born. Parents should find time to celebrate their kid's birthday.

Many people merely settle on buying a birthday cake at the neighborhood bakery shop. They decorate the birthday cake with the kind of birthday note they prefer. Just to mention, a birthday cannot be complete without a birthday cake. However, one does not need to go to a bakery shop to buy a birthday cake in order to celebrate his/her birthday. You can settle for a homemade birthday cake.


Homemade birthday cakes serve as one of the coolest unique birthday gifts for friends or someone special in your life. Your friend will appreciate it very much because he/she will know that you really took your time to make it. Giving a homemade cake as a birthday gift shows that you care about the person who is celebrating his/her birthday. How do you go about making a homemade birthday cake?

The easiest way of doing so is using an easy recipe consisting of milk, baking powder, vanilla, wheat flour, sugar, butter and eggs. Those who already know how to bake a cake do not need instructions to bake a homemade birthday cake. However, for first-timers they need to learn how to bake a cake. If you don't know how to bake it, then a friend of yours who knows how to bake cakes can teach you. Alternatively, you can take a baking and pastry course.

Is giving away a homemade cake as a birthday gift the best option?

After you have known how to bake a cake and you have baked a number of them, then go ahead and bake one as a birthday gift. You should spice up your homemade birthday cake using a number of ingredients. They range from cinnamon to chocolate chips and even sprinkles. Read a number of cake baking books to learn how you can decorate your homemade birthday cake.

Therefore, giving a homemade cake as a birthday gift not only to your best friend but also to your siblings or to people you cherish in your life is a fascinating thing to do. You can bake the birthday cake in any way you like but you should consider making it to appear attractive and it should be yummy.


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