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Homemade Christmas Advent Calendar

Updated on January 26, 2012

Homemade Christmas Advent Calendar

What is an advent calendar?

How many days are in an advent calendar?

Advent calendars have been around for centuries. They are usually 24 days long and their purpose is to count down the 24 days before Christmas.

There are many different varieties of advent calendars. The most popular today would be the ones with chocolate in them. Every When is the appropriate time to start setting up a Christmas display? day starting December 1st you can open a door to reveal a chocolate goodie. There are ones made of cloth you stuff with numbers or wooden ones you can hang decorations on. Some are made from paper or cardboard, when you open the door, they will reveal a bible scripture or a picture.

We have one that stands about 8 ½ feet tall and 8 feet wide created out of 24 milk crates, 2 x 2’s and corrugated plastic. There are 7 rows of milk crates, 1 at the top, 2 on the next row, 3 on the third row, 4 on the fourth row, 5 on the fifth row, 6 on the sixth row and 3 on the bottom row. They stack in such a way as to look like a Christmas tree. Using green corrugated plastic to cover the front top 6 rows and beige corrugated plastic for the three crates at the base. Doors are cut out and numbered 1 to 24. C-9 stings of lights are used to light inside the milk crates. Inside each crate we placed toys, Christmas decorations, ball and glove, skates and even a Vancouver Canucks flag. The doors are removed one at a time starting December 1st. every year the position of the doors can change so to mix up the display.

Building any of our unique Christmas decoration we try to recycle stuff. This stuff may come from our house, from work or a thrift store. We also have people drop old unwanted Christmas decorations off on our front door, that we may find use for them in our display.

Creating a new idea or taking an old idea and recreating it is easier said than done. This advent calendar was two years in the making before we could figure out how to execute it properly. We had the basic idea using 24 milk crates but how to put them together and cover them and make the doors took some careful thought. However, we are happy the way it turned out for now. We will continue to make it better for next year, by decorating the plastic and using red, blue and yellow corrugated plastic for the doors but for now we just want people to enjoy it this year.



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    • profile image

      CHRISTINE 2 years ago

      Thank you!

    • profile image

      Margie 2 years ago

      What a neat artelci. I had no inkling.

    • profile image

      Marilyn 6 years ago

      WOW! Wait til the people see it with the lights and some of the doors open. Congrats on a great job!!