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DIY! Homemade Costumes Ideas

Updated on July 15, 2013

Homemade Costumes for Halloween or Fancy Dress Parties!

Nothing beats a homemade costume for Halloween! While store bought costumes are cool there's always a chance you will end up at the party where someone has the exact same costume, while if you make a costume by yourself there's no chance something like this will happen. You will be unique and the talk of the night. Well you or your kids.

This site features some of the best tutorials for your homemade costumes, browse through costumes for kids, adults, couples or groups - whichever you need and get inspired.

Photos used on this page are used with permission or in compliance with authors requests in their TOS.

Do some magic with face painting


You can become pretty much everything!

It's amazing what you can do with a little bit of body colors and some imagination! You can be an animal, a mythical creature or just well something. The options truly are limitless!

Princess Dress


A dress by the girl inspired

The above costume is a work of art wouldn't you agree? I think your daughter would feel really special wearing this.

Check out the tutorial at The Girl Inspired

Mary Had A Little Lamb - Perfect DIY Costume


Mother With Her Baby

Have a newborn? Want to have him or her be a apart of your Halloween costume? Mary Had a Little Lamb is one of the cutterst ideas in my opinion.

Check out tips and Mary dress tutorial at freshlycompleted

The Incredibles DIY


Costume fohole Familyr The Whole Family

The Incredibles are an incredibly fun superhero family and your family can easily transform into them by following the simple tutorial found on freshlycompleted.

Wicked Witch From The East


Witches are Awesome

You probably know all about the Wizard of Oz! And the wiched witch from the east who was at the wrong place at the wrong time and got smashed by Dorothy's house. Be creative and go as Witch of the East, with house included.

Check the tutorial at SomedayIllLerarn

Umbrella Jellyfish


You need a clear umbrella and a dash of patience

It's time for the Jellyfish to take over the land. This costume is pretty easy to make as all you need is a clear (you could use a regular one too) umbrella and something to make the tentacles. If you want to go a step further you can also add glow in the dark paint or sticks to make your look even more dramatic.

Homemade Bath Pouf Costume


Keep Clean!

I can't imagine taking a shower without a bath pouf, once you get used to it there is no turning back.

I think going as bath pouf will be fun and I am sure you will get a lot of compliments. Not to mention it is pretty easy to make. Check out the tutorial from Carleyy.

Eggs and Bacon - Fun Couples Homemade Costume


Become the most common breakfast - eggs with bacon. Super fun and super easy to make! Watch the video bellow to learn how to make it.

Mr and Miss Pacman


Fun for the couples!

This is a great idea for a couples costume as well as if you are going single. If you add Blinky, Pinky, Inkey and Clyde (the ghosts) you will also rock as a group costume.

Check how this was made at Julieannart.



Corpse Bride



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