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Homemade Halloween Costume - Easy Costumes for Halloween Ideas And Comments

Updated on September 29, 2011

In The Halloween Spirit

Creating a great costume is a perfect way for getting the little ones or yourself into the Halloween spirit. It is that one day out of the year that people of all ages enjoy dressing up as a scary or funny type of character. Anything they can dream up without limitations.

Halloween is that ghostly last day in October, witch is celebrated every year on October 31th. Ghouls and those devilish trick-or-treaters are roaming the streets at night while some enjoy fun parties around the country. Other towns have parades and even hold costume contests, one that might just win you a prize.

For the young, most are excited to show off their homemade costumes that the parents have dressed them up in and enjoy running from door to door throughout the neighborhood, steadily ringing door bells at each house, yelling trick or treat when the home owner comes to the door, expecting candy in return.

So why do they yell trick or treat you might ask, well back in the day, you either gave the little monsters a treat with some candy when they came to the door or they would leave you a nice little trick if you didn't.

An example would be to soap or wax the outside windows of the house with ghouly sayings or pictures, leaving you with a days worth of work to remove it.

For generations now, all ages of children, teens and adults have been dressing up for the Halloween tradition enjoying a scary costume party either at work, school or at social gathering place and spending the evening trick or treating for candy around the neighborhood.

Best Halloween Costume That Is Homemade

Some of the best costumes are not the ones bought from the store, but rather the ones that are made right at home with the old clothes, make up and some creative imagination.

One of the best costumes I made at home was one of an old hippie. I took my uncles old patched jeans, an old wig, large flannel shirt and big boots. Purchased a fake beard and wa la I was a spitting image of uncle Jimmy back in the 1970's.

Just Plain Scary Halloween Costumes

It is easy to come up with a just plain scary costume. By using some old ripped clothes and messy hair, maybe even a dash of fake blood anyone can materialize into a spooky creature from the past in a matter of minutes.

Serious Celebrity Costume

One hot Halloween 2010 costume that made the headlines, was that of Ellen DeGeneres Snooki's Pouf, you know the girl who plays on the reality TV show Jersey Shore.

There is always someone you like as one of your favorite actors, so its pretty easy to find a good picture of them and try your best to dress up just like they do. This is sure to bring great attention to the ones who recognize the actor you have chosen. A scary example is Jack Nicolson in the movie "The Shining" where he played Jack Torrance.

Funny Halloween Costumes

Creating a funny costume can also keep you in the Halloween spirit because there is no rule that a costume has to be scary. Hobos, clowns, sponge bob, or cartoon characters are some of the best ideas for making a funny costume.

What character makes you personally laugh. Goofy or Porky pig are some old time favorites.


Couples Halloween Costumes

Some ideas for couples might be Laurel and Hardy, Farmer and his Wife, King and Queen, Vampire and his Mistress, Spider-man couples, caveman-n- cave woman, Fred Flintstones and Wilma, or even maybe a pirate couple would make a splash on the scene.

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    • tamron profile image

      tamron 6 years ago

      Halloween is not like it use to be I always looked forward to the kids coming to my door every year. Now I don't get any halloweeners any more. Great hub vote up!