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Homemade Outdoor Gingerbread Church

Updated on January 26, 2012

Gingerbread Church


Homemade Outdoor Gingerbread Church

Having a 30,000 plus Christmas light display is a big responsibility. We have people come by every year to see our lights. They want to see what new decoration we have added or original design we have come up with and how many more lights we’ve added. We have to keep changing the display around removing some items for a year or two then bringing them back. You never know what our display will look like but you can be sure it is something to see.

In 2004 some of the local people asked us if we accepted donations. This is not something we considered for ourselves, so my husband went on the hunt to find a charity to support. He found a local charity that helps the families in our town. “Chilliwack Community Services, Basics for Babies” is a program that helps any parent that is having difficulty providing for their little ones. 100% of all we get go to them. We receive diapers, baby formula, any non-perishable food, clothing and money. This was a great idea, now where were people going to leave these gifts of love?

Jesus is the biggest supporter of the less fortunate, so what better place to receive donations than a church. So here at Tinsel Town we built a gingerbread church. Based on the same way we built the gingerbread house, we made some modifications. Instead of a chimney we have a three-foot eight-inch steeple. At the top there is a cross. Inside there is a pulpit with pastor Ken speaking. Barbie and her sisters are in the congregation along with a stuffed Sylvester and some other little stuffy buddies. They are sitting on wooden pews. We used a forty-watt light bulb to light the inside of the church.

On the outside of the church there are ten stained glass windows hand painted by my children, using stencils and glass paint. Christmas lights and garland trim the roof while one side of the roof has the scriptures John 8:12 and Luke 2:11 printed on it; the other side has a handle in the shape of a cross. The words “Donations accepted here” are printed beside the handle. If you lift the handle there is room in the loft for any donations. “Tinsel Town Community Church” is written above the door of the church. We have had to move the money pot to the Santa’s Workshop, and everything is emptied every night.

This addition to our display has been very successful, and we have had many wonderful comments about it. Every year we bring smiles to people’s faces with our lights and gifts of love to the needy on behalf of the Chilliwack community and Tinsel Town.



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