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Homemade Scary, Horror Halloween Costumes

Updated on March 9, 2016

Truly Scary Halloween Costumes

For a Halloween costume to be truly scary and considered one that instills a little horror into the viewer, it has to go to a place that is disturbing to most.

Those who try to be scary looking are those usually not trying to really be considered scary, but are more creating a fun caricature of fear.

But for those who get a little serious about their horror, it's definitely a possibility to wear a Halloween costume that attracts the the type of attention that disturbs people.

In this article I searched around for some Halloween costumes and makeup that fit that bill, and there are a quite a number of them that could generate some palpitating hearts at first glance, and in some cases, at a second glance as well.

Most of those costumes and makeup that are especially effective for horror are those made at home, as the look of professional horror costumes, in many cases, just don't include that element that really can scare people, although there are exceptions to that general rule.

Skeleton Soldier

We'll begin with this costume of a skeleton soldier. I'm not exactly sure what it is about this look, but it is a little creepy, and when it comes to success for those seeking to instill some fear or weird feeling into those looking at them, that is what counts.

Soldier Skeleton Costume

Headless Halloween Costume

These headless body homemade costumes, when done right, are very cool as to being disturbing to people. Usually the body of the headless person is put on using a backpack, while the individual holds the head in their hands.

You could also design the costume as the one below with the actual head of the person being used as the prop for the dismembered head. This definitely disturbs people when it is done correctly, especially when the removed head talks. .

Headless Body Costume

Zombie Car Hop Costume

The woman making this homemade zombie costume describes it as a zombie car hop. When looking at the outfit, it definitely works. Just taking a certain look or theme and adding some blood and gore to the mix is a great way to make a scary costume at home. There are an endless number of ideas to choose from when coming at it from that angle.

Homemade Zombie Costume

Zombie Costume

Even though this woman knew she was being photographed and gave a smile, taking away the horror effect, you can see when she puts on her game face that this would give a great, scary overall look to her. A little makeup goes a long way to a successful scare. Placing blood primarily at the lower part of the mouth and chin gives the impression that the zombie has recently fed.

Zombie Makeup

Halloween Costume Using Birds

I was impressed with the Halloween costume including the birds. That bird holding her eye on the left side of here head was fantastic. And if you look close, you seen some of the beaks picking at where the blood spots were placed. Obviously she posed for the photo, so it was probably much closer to a real look. But still, an amazing Halloween costume that will without doubt attract a lot of attention.

'Birds' Halloween Costume

Rob Zombie

The Rob Zombie Halloween costumes below really are creepy. Even though the eyes of the man look good, it's those evil eyes of the woman that caught my attention. If she's acting, she's doing a great job, as you get the sense of evil emanating from her. The right makeup and scraggly hair add to the successful look.

Rob Zombie Halloween Costumes

Total Recall Mutant Costume

Assuming this is from the movie Total Recall, it really captures well the mutant that gave the information to save some of the people on Mars. I thought he was creepy in the movie, and this would be disturbing to see walking around at a party. Great choice.

Mutant Halloween Costume

Creepy Homemade Halloween Costumes

To me these were a good collection of Halloween costumes which ultimately could be very disturbing and scary to a lot of people. Most of them were obviously homemade, with the exception of the last one, which could be adapted and made from scratch if one chose to.

This is the fun of Halloween though: making or buying the type of costume that makes a Halloween party a memorable experience for all.


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    • jimmythejock profile image

      Jimmy the jock 

      8 years ago from Scotland

      Those costumes are scary lol my children wouldn't sleep for a month if they saw them .....jimmy


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