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Horse Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Updated on June 16, 2012

Horses are loved both by boys and girls and with adults, so it is no wonder this birthday theme is popular. Browse through some of the fun ideas for hosting this party, what kinds of food to serve, how to decorate and which games and activities to play.


Horse Birthday Party Food


  • horse shaped - you can sculpt it or you can purchase a horse shaped cake pan. If you have an Easter lamb cake pan you might be able to use it as some are shaped similar to the horse (at least the body)
  • horseshoe shaped
  • cowboy boot or cowboy hat cake
  • you can also get some pretty fancy cake toppers and horse shaped candles that will turn any regular cake into a perfect cake for this party
  • you can make a carrot cake
  • stable shaped cake
  • meadow cake with a horse figurine
  • racing track cake - make a square cake and draw (or make out of fondant) a racetrack. Add some racing horses figurines.



  • sculpt simple horse heads out of fondant
  • use cookie cutters to make cupcake toppers (horse, horseshoe)

Other food

  • horse shaped cookies
  • carrot shaped cookies
  • chocolate horse lollipops (you can get the mold)
  • fresh carrots (horses love them)

Horse birthday party decorations

There are more than one ways you can go with these theme.

Horses on a meadow

  • green decorations, green crepe streamers, green tablecloth and lots of horse shaped balloons or cutouts

Racing horses

  • turn the room into a race track, decorate the place with award ribbons, dress up as jokey, set up a round race track

Barnyard horses

  • hay bales, stables, checkered tablecloth

Cowboy horses

  • with a western touch, have lots of cowboy hats and shoe stars

Horse Party Games and Activities

  • horseshoe toss/pitching - can't have a party without this game. You can use wooden horseshoes (rules)
  • horseshoe craft - get some wooden horseshoes from your local craft shop. Also buy some glitter, rhinestones, ribbons (etc.). Have the kids paint and decorate their own horseshoe.
  • stick horse craft - each kid gets one stick and 2 cardboard cut-outs of a horses head. Let the kids color the horses head as they like and help them assemble their stick horse
  • stick horse race


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