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Hospitality, 5 Quick tips

Updated on May 20, 2014


I always find that the simpler the ultimate execution of something is, the better it is for all, especially for the one who has to handle the project from conception through planning and administration.

That is why themes have become increasingly popular when people consider gathering together. Most of our parties or celebrations are already based around an idea.

Yet, themes for instance are the best way to go, examples like birthdays, graduation, holidays and other events, that take most of the thought and effort out of coming up with new and improved ideas.

Quick 5 tips

  • Visit
  • Encourage conversation
  • Eat, drink
  • Keep it simple
  • Enjoy yourself

cake | Source

What to eat

Normally, food for any gathering is the most important aspect of any party or celebration. Sometimes just having something simple to eat and something to drink proves the most palatable and economical.

Most of us start with a menu. Most of our budget for any event is put towards what people will eat and drink.

Food is essentially the driving force behind hospitality.

Menus can be simple...

  • cake and ice cream
  • cake and soda pop
  • sandwiches and punch

Menus can be complicated...

  • cocktails and finger foods
  • three course meals
  • seven course meals

Dessert and candy bars are popular themes!

Any menu can be as extravagant or as frugal as the person planning it wishes it to be or what they can afford to spend.

This is why theme parties are also a great way to achieve a fun and entertaining celebration, because the menu just about writes itself.

Whether from scratch in your own kitchen, catering from an outside chef or purchasing things pre made from the store, what one serves is always the host's personal choice.

Time and money is the only limitation.

Yet on any budget one can have a successful event!

Good conversation, congenial behavior and good manners make any event awesome!


Have become a popular way to feed large crowds and free up the time of the host to visit with their guests. Mingling is important to any guest as well as making sure that all their guests enjoy themselves.

They are usually quick, cheap, satisfying foods, designed and cooked to feed people who may want a variety of flavors and food tastes.

Very much like a good ole 'pot luck' gathering, buffets can be a little more sophisticated, depending on the host.


This is the pot luck. Where individuals contribute their best dishes or the dishes the host prefers and adds to the gatherings bountiful options.

breadpudding | Source
pies | Source
cupcake | Source


A welcoming atmosphere is vitally important!

Greeting your guests at the front door with a hug, a kiss and a handshake, makes the art of welcoming someone to your home pleasant.

It can also be achieved through various other ways but the condition of one's home is one of the best.

  • Clean
  • Pleasant odor, fresh or food
  • Seating
  • Decorations
  • Music
  • Background noises, sounds
  • Entertainment

Side note, I find sometimes the quiet backdrop of no noises at all are best to promote conversation. So the voices of your guests are sometimes the best sounds for hospitable circumstances.

What do you think is the worst part of gatherings / celebrations?

See results


There are cons, or negatives when it comes to hosting any event.

  • people you don't like
  • too much noise
  • rude, out of control children
  • competition
  • not enough food


Seating arrangements

Your seating arrangements should be set up so that people can talk and interact with little to no strain.

How you arrange your chairs makes or breaks communication and how it flows while people are socializing. This should always be done in such a way that your guests enjoy themselves.


What you choose to use to decorate your location of celebration can add or subtract from the continuity of your theme.

It can be expensive or cheap.

Or it can be as simple as using what you will serve to eat.

Using what you have around your house is always a good place to start, especially if you don't want to spend a lot of money on your decor.

Sometimes it is better not to bother with anything besides what you have and your food stuffs.


  • plants & flowers, real or artificial
  • balloons
  • splashes of color
  • lighting
  • pictures

candles | Source
balloons | Source
ice sculptures
ice sculptures | Source


Entertainment takes many avenues.

We use it to create an atmosphere that induces our guest to have a 'good' time. Sometimes it is necessary but most of the time it is not.

  • Music
  • Games
  • TV or movies

People, as long as they are comfortable, always find ways to have a good time especially when there is food.

Hospitality check

small / cheap
cake & punch / cake & ice cream
cocktails & finger foods / buffet
graduations, holidays
five course meals
weddings, black tie

Symbols of hospitality

  • Pineapple

one of the oldest expressions of hospitality, since colonial times

it is a symbol of welcome, carved in wood and bed posts, seen in other things as well

it was also placed as a center piece on the dinner table

it is linked to Christopher Columbus' second visit to the Americas

  • red door
  • white swan

Figures of hospitality


  • friendly
  • engaging
  • generous


  • Southern
  • Irish
  • Hawaiians / Polynesians


  • Tourism
  • Hotels

Historical figures

  • Dolley Madison
  • James Monroe

Entertaining strangers, maybe entertaining angels unaware...paraphrased from Hebrew 13: 1-2, biblical encouragement to assist people you do not know.

Hospitality is the foundation of all civilizations worth emulating!


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    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 3 years ago

      Thanks Jackie Lynnley, that's what i aim for when i do these hubs.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 3 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Great article; very informative and love your photos. ^