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Electronic Holiday Gift Ideas For 2013

Updated on December 9, 2013

What To Give? What To Give??

Hi everybody! I guess I can skip the lecture of "it is better to give than recieve" because we all know that is true. (Even though I love the thrill of opening gifts, such a mystery of not knowing what's inside! lol) But truthfully, doesn't it get so hard deciding exactly what gift to buy someone? Each year I always find myself scratching my head while trying to decipher what kind of gifts to give to my loved ones. Here's an example: Pajamas? Great gift idea... but how many pairs does Aunt Tillie really need? Cologne? Super... but Uncle Pete has allergies and I don't want him to have a sneezing attack (oh no!) How about a new coffee pot, toaster, crock pot for Mom? Awesome... but she already has a collection of household goods still in the box they came in that she has received year after year stored away in a closet. Hahaha, I think you all get the message! Well worry no more, here are some hot electronic gift ideas for 2010!

Great Electronic Gift Ideas!

1. Apple Iphone 5

2. Apple Ipod Touch

3. Kindle Fire HDX

4. Sony Cyber-Shot Camera

5. PlayStation 4 (PS4)

6. Apple iPad

7. Acer Aspire P3 Tablet

8. Xbox One

9. Beats Studio Headphones (Dr. Dre)

10. LG 47-Inch Cinema 3D HDTV + Glasses

11. Grand Theft Auto V

12. Electric Razor for Women (wet or dry for ladies on the go!)


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