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Hot & Sexy Christmas Tree Ornaments (Lingerie, Ladies & Mermaids)

Updated on November 19, 2011

With Christmas once again appearing rapidly on the horizon, it's about time to get the tree and ornaments out of their boxes, the floor cleaned and the presents wrapped.

Of course the general assumption is that ornaments need to be bright and metallic or china heirlooms handed down for generations - or simply bright and bawdy candy and ribbons.

This year, why not try something different? Choose some sexy Christmas tree decorations and make your Christmas a little more risqué.

Lingerie is of course near the top of the list - and we don't mean throwing your red under wear over the star on top of the tree!

There are plenty of different fun and funky Christmas decorations including corsets, undies, suspenders and of course, knee high boots, available in miniature to add some fun to your tree!

If you have kids and prefer not to have your adult ornaments gracing a tree covered with kids toys, why not feature a small Christmas tree in the bedroom just for you and your partner to share - you can even put some naughty gifts underneath!

Mermaid Christmas Ornaments

What's more sexy than a mermaid? There are some very fun mermaid ornaments available in this series including a sexy mermaid nurse, cowgirl, Mrs Santa and of course a Cheerleader.

Why not theme your adult tree around the ocean? You can feature mermaids, shells, and some sand at the base!

Sexy Christmas Ornament for Women

Of course lingerie and mermaid ladies may be the perfect way to keep your man's attention but what about something more fun for the ladies?

The perfect women's sexy Christmas decoration can be seen on the right - a sexy male surfer mermaid of course! Give this to your favorite lady as a fun Christmas gift or just add it to the tree!


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