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Hot Christmas presents for your boyfriend.

Updated on November 28, 2017


What to get?
What to get? | Source

What to choose

With so many choices how can you pick just one? If you know anything about me you know I recommend considering two things: your budget and his interests. While you don't want to appear cheap, you don't want to go broke either. get something of quality at a mid-range price/

So Many Choices

Yes it's the holiday shopping season and time to do the dreaded shopping. Maybe it's just me, but I think the hardest part of all this is choosing from all the choices available these days. That's why I decided this hub should make those choices easier. So I have done some shopping for you and listed some of the top sellers. I hope this helps.

Clothing and accessories

Usually people think something like sweaters or underwear, but what about something he'll use all the time? Watches, cufflinks, or sunglasses? A new pair of cross-training shoes would make your fitness freak happy!


In this age of the internet it's important for him to keep in touch. Especially with you! A smart phone is the perfect answer.

He'll probably have one, but it's a sure bet he'll need an upgrade! That's where you come come to the rescue! Just spend a minute learning what kind of phone he has and talk to a knowledgable sales rep about what the next upgrade is. Then start looking forward to helping him transfer his info (be sure he has your info)! An added benefit is he'll think of you everytime he uses it.

What about you?

Where do you plan to do most of your shopping this year?

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Think it over

give it some thought
give it some thought | Source

Compare Prices

Gift value
Home entertainment
loved by all
always appreciated
usually loved
What's your budget?

How do you shop?

brick and motor
brick and motor | Source

Stay at home

Online? | Source

On-Line or Out There?

Whether you shop online or at the stores there are advantages and disadvantages to both! The choice is yours but be sure and check these things.

Product warranty- how long and what is covered (including labor). Also be sure if the warranty is covered by the seller or the manufacture. This will let you know how long repairs could take.

Return policy- how long do you have? And is there a restock fee?

Reputation- how's the sellers rep.? What about the manufacturer and the product itself?

Convenience- how easy would it be to contact the seller for both you and the recipient?

Watch this.

Be careful!

Don't be scammed
Don't be scammed | Source

Online advice

Shopping online certainly has some advantages! You can shop anytime,anywhere 24 7 even in bed! And the gas savings are a complete no-brainier! If you hate the crowds as much as I do, online is the answer.

But there are some disadvantages! For instance what you see is not always what you get! Product inscriptions are one thing, the actual product could be somewhat different. And watch put for substitutions!

Then, there is the fact you don't get to talk "face-to-face" to your seller. Be sure you read any reviews you can find. And keep the contact information.

Although you can usually get overnight shipping, sometimes there are delays. So be sure you give yourself plenty of time.

Have Fun

Shopping should not be a drudge. Make shopping a game! Think out of the box. How can you avoid the crowds and still get the bargains? What can you get that he wouldn't suspect in a million years? And don't forget re gifting and gift cards!

Just have fun with it!!

Don't forget the fun!

shop | Source

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