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Haunted House Attractions in New Orleans. The House of Shock & The Mortuary

Updated on October 10, 2011

The House of Shock

The House of Shock is an intense horror show located just outside of New Orleans. They are known by locals for going all out in their shows and taking the "haunted house attraction" to an entirely new level. Not only does the attraction feature a haunted house, but also nightly shows performed by local "freaks." The House of Shock transformed its venue in 2010 creating an entire festival for the occasion. If the house itself is too intense for you, you can hang out on the grounds and enjoy some authentic Cajun food along with the full bar, while watching others get scared senseless. Bands play each night, usually heavy metal, to add to the already extreme feel of the place. When you see the disclaimer warning those with heart conditions not to enter, I strongly urge you to heed that warning. This place is the real deal.

The show got its start as a backyard attraction that became so popular, local authorities had to ask the owner to move his attraction to a commercial location. One of the more controversial aspects of this particular haunted house is that they have the right to touch you during scares, guests are required to sign a waiver releasing the attraction of liability. It is also very likely that you will leave with some form of splatter on your clothing, nothing that stains, but be prepared for a splash. The House of Shock has been widely recognized, for the last decade, as one of the best haunted house attractions in the country and has had several documentaries done on it.

The Mortuary

The Mortuary is located in the heart of New Orleans, on an actual haunted mortuary. The haunted house is just a bonus! The setting is a nearly 150 year old funeral home, at the end of historic Canal St. In 2007 the decaying property was purchased by Jeff Borne, owner of a production company, who poured several million dollars into the renovation and transformation into a haunted attraction. Not nearly as intense as the House of Shock, but creepy in its own right. The fact that the property has been investigated by several well known paranormal groups, and verified as haunted by many, adds to the already spooky vibe. This haunted house is more of a guided tour, than a walk through at your own pace sort of place. The usual animatronics and costumed cast will be present, as well as other surprises that I won't spoil for you!


Both of these attractions open towards the end of September and run through Halloween and maybe a week longer. They are open on weekends and usually the week of Halloween they remain open through the week. More detailed operating hours can be found on their respective websites. I highly recommend both of these attractions, but keep in mind, you will not get your money back if you don't finish the exhibits. We are lucky to have two very high quality attractions so close to each other, it forces them to push each other to get better each year. Resulting in a better and ever-changing experience for the guests each season.


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  • thebeast02 profile image

    thebeast02 6 years ago from Louisiana

    Thanks for the comment Beata, you're so lucky to have lived there. I'd be happy just visiting. Maybe if everything works out in the future I can have a vacation home in Europe somewhere....maybe :)

  • Beata Stasak profile image

    Beata Stasak 6 years ago from Western Australia

    Lived in Europe whole my childhood and often next to old ruins...but no experience of his kind:)...thank you for your interesting article...they say, we 'fear' more often than 'love'...must be true..:)

  • thebeast02 profile image

    thebeast02 6 years ago from Louisiana

    Oh how I wish I lived in Europe somewhere. Being a history major, that place is like my playground. So much more history, than anything really in the US. I will make it over there someday. I'd like to go on some castle tours.

  • CMHypno profile image

    CMHypno 6 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

    I went on a Ghost Walk in New Orleans once, and you sure do have a lot of spooky places - almost as many as the UK! Neither of these attractions were open then, but they do sound really interesting


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