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Housewarming Gift Ideas

Updated on August 14, 2013

Housewarming Gifts

How do you choose a housewarming gift when you haven't yet seen the house?

I was invited to a friend's housewarming party recently. Having never been to his place I found it quite difficult to choose a housewarming gift that would suit, as I wanted to get something for the house. Without having seen the colors or the styles, this proved rather difficult. You can't get a fancy clock or a loud picture, for example, if everything else in the house is a more conservative style.

So if you don't want to do the usual housewarming gift basket of food stuff or a bottle of wine, what can you get?

There were four other friends coming along and as usual I was entrusted with choosing and buying the gift while they sat back and contributed some cash. Buying gifts is hard for me because I don't want to get something they don't like or something that won't be used.

Here are a few ideas I wrote down as part of my research:


My Housewarming Gift Ideas

Something to hang up?

If you want to get something to hang on the wall, go for something that can suit both conservative, modern and even unusual designs.

Somewhere to hang up the keys or recent mail will always be handy. There are a lot of simple yet stylish models, from the subtle to the bold.

A "Bless This Home" frame or a "Home Rules" one will always be welcomed.


Something for the kitchen?

If the homeowners are newlyweds and you'd like to get something for the kitchen, get something that is perhaps unusual, funky or even something they are unlikely to have purchased yet.

One item may be a punch bowl and cup set. A fondue set perhaps?

A lot of people like the Fred collection of kitchenware. They have salt and pepper shakers in the shape of magic wands, a Mister Tea infuser (shape of a man), Matroyshka measuring cups and similar fun stuff.

Fred's salt and pepper shakers
Fred's salt and pepper shakers


Something for outside?

I've always liked funny doormats! They are a great icebreaker. Something like "Go Away" or "Wow! Nice underwear!" is a treat.

Another different idea I had was to buy a collection of herb seeds or small pots of herbs for the garden - everybody should have a herb garden.

I considered a bonsai tree (for inside) as well. If you get them one, perhaps also get a book on how to look after them.


Our Friend's Housewarming Gift

Here are the items we decided to purchase for our friend and his wife. It was a bunch of items that we thought they would use and would be something different to the kinds of things they would normally buy.

1. Memo Post Card - with reusable marker so they can leave cute (maybe sexy) notes for each other!

2. Michael Buble CD - great for background music when guests are over (can double up as makeout music! - one of our friends is a bit wink wink nudge nudge, so some of these gifts may have a subtle second use!)

3. Wire Photo Holder - A metallic wire with strong magnets to hold up photos. Flexible enough to hang vertically down or horizontally between two hooks.

4. Cool Bookends - There are a variety of different styles, but we chose the ones that can look like praying hands on their own (if for some reason they don't have books - what?! - or don't want to use them for this purpose)

5. Shopping List - one of those "all out of..." lists you can stick to your fridge to help you compile your shopping list.

6. Bottle of champagne - to celebrate a new home!

Hope this helps you put together a great housewarming gift!


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