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Housewarming Gift Ideas

Updated on September 23, 2010

Acquiring a new home is not only an exciting milestone but also a great achievement on the part of the owner. To make this more special, you should think about housewarming gift ideas to show your love and support for a new accomplished goal of your relative or friend. Help family members or friends celebrate the acquisition of a new residential property by selecting a present that will be both functional and impressive, and will integrate a special decorative feel to their new house.

Gift Ideas for a Housewarming

  • Plant

Frequently, new homeowners do not have any idea on what theme or style should they adapt to their new space, thus buying new items for their house becomes a tough challenge. Purchasing a large flowering or green potted plant will put an instant décor and warmth to the new space, despite of the style or type of the décor. Choose a plant that is appropriate for growing in an indoor environment and one that can be maintained with minimal care and supervision.

  • Name Plaque

This is an eye-catching wall decoration to showcase on the entryway or to a foyer. Send a wall plaque to the recipient with their family’s last name. You can choose from the several different materials and styles that can be utilized to make a name plaque that will suit the décor and tastes of the homeowners.

  • Welcome Mat

One of the best housewarming gift ideas is a welcome mat. You can buy a personalized one that they can place at their door step. The good news is that there are various styles and designs of welcome mats to suit the homeowners’ decor as well as tastes. Choose a stylish doormat that will appeal not only to the homeowners but also to their visitors. It should exhibit a welcome massage, along with the first name or last name of the family.

  • Gift Basket

A gift basket full of several items for new homeowners will surely be valued, particularly if the gifts are their favorites or are extremely functional.

Place some gourmet food items that will permit them to nibble on tasty treats and snacks when they are very busy emptying out their boxes.

If you are gifting a first time homeowner, you should get a basket and fill it with different power tools and other small devices they might need. Hooks, nails, wall screws and other handy items to place fixtures or install things would be useful.

You may also consider placing potpourri, scented candles, votives, and other candle-related items to assist your recipient in adding warmth and a ‘homey fee” to their new space.

  • Organizer

Since the new homeowner will need to keep track of the several details related with maintaining and owning a home, you can send a useful binder or organizing system to your recipient. The organizing device will provide a space for the homeowner to store important photographs, insurance documents, policies, schedules and lists in a single centralized room for fast and easy access.

When making a list of housewarming gift ideas, it’s vital to take into account the recipient’s personal circumstances. If you are gifting a young couple, items like quality table linens, small appliances, or towels are the most appropriate.

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