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Gift Ideas For Friends Living & Working In Compact Spaces

Updated on April 17, 2015
Give Small Gifts To Maximize The Living Space Of Friends, Family And Neighbors Who Have Compact Living Spaces
Give Small Gifts To Maximize The Living Space Of Friends, Family And Neighbors Who Have Compact Living Spaces

Buy Small Gifts For People Living In Small Spaces

Three different people – strangers to each other – gave me nearly identical answers to the same question.

Those answers had me hopping on the internet to confirm my suspicions.

And sure enough, not only did I become aware of a trend, but I discovered that people we may know purposely set out to do what others must do out of necessity.

Here is what I asked the three people - see if you see the common thread in their answers.

I asked my godson’s mother what he would like for high school graduation. She said that he needs a coffee maker and toaster for his college dorm room, but she just doesn’t know where he’s going to find the space for what he needs - it’s just too small.

A co-worker is retiring and will hit the road cross country. His wife said that their RV is so small that she doesn’t know where they’re going to put everything that they need.

A neighbor is moving into an assisted living facility that allows some personal appliances in their rooms, her daughter told me what her mom could really use in her room.

Notice the pattern?

The one common thread that I noticed among the three are ones that you may now realize apply to your friends and family. And that is, because of their compact living or recreational spaces, they are in need of appliances or accessories that are:

  • Small For The Space
  • Functional For The Space

Mini Kitchen! Breakfast For 2 In 5 Minutes

Small Items Are Ideal In These Compact Spaces

Whereas economics dictate where and how a person lives, there are those who choose to live - either permanently or temporarily - in compact spaces.

The co-worker I mentioned above who was to travel the country in his recreational vehicle is an example of people choosing to temporarily live in compact spaces.

Here are some environments in which people who, because of finances or fun, choose to spend time. People who live, work or play in these environments are ideal candidates for small and functional gifts:

  • College Dorms
  • Small Apartments
  • Basements
  • Man Caves
  • Van
  • Office
  • Assisted Living Rooms
  • Travelers
  • Treehouses

Treehouses? Yes, treehouses. Do-It-Yourself Shows often feature individuals who have built fancy treehouses for themselves or their kids. Many of these treehouses have the electricity to power small appliances like mini-fridges.

Families or business travelers who are on the road constantly could use compact appliances to use in their motel and hotel rooms to reduce the cost of eating out.

Remember to combine function and compact to determine the gift.

Gifts For Dorm And Apartment Dwellers

The most common complaints that I heard during college from friends living in dorms was the cramped space and expensive food available around the campus. And it seemed to be even more expensive when you bought snacks on campus.

Once graduated, i noticed that the complaints continued. Of course, fresh out of college your first job may not offer the salary to lease a spacious apartment, and so, you go with what you can afford, and usually that's a small apartment - sometimes just a little bigger than your old dorm room.

Inexpensive, practical and space-functional appliances is what dorm and apartment dwellers most need.

Gifts that would be practical are those that not only save space but can prepare food fast.

From Grad To Retiree

On the opposite end of a college graduate is the veteran career person who has paid his or her dues and is ready to retire. Whether the retiree is hitting the road to re-discover America in an RV or a car, the adventurer will need portable gifts functional for the journey.

Travelers journeying by personal vehicle will often stop at motels along the road and will need portable appliances to prepare their own meals and save money on food.

Those retirees traveling who will avoid motels by staying in their RVs will also need compact devices to make their trips convenient and their recreational living spaces less cluttered.

Who do you know who would be grateful to receive these items as gifts?

Give The Gift Of Heat - Up To 800 Sq Ft.

With This Gift You Gain Entrance To The Man Cave

UG! Stuff For The Man Cave

Whether it's located in the basement, garage, shed, spare room or a kids' old bedroom, a man's man cave is his castle. It provides a brief reprieve from the daily grind of hunting and gathering.

Sam Gosling, a psychology professor at the University of Texas at Austin, said that space is very important for regulating emotion.

"It's incredibly important to be in one's own space and resonate with who one is," Gosling said.

Toll Brothers, a custom home builder company, has reported an upswing in requests for man space.

"It's almost like tree houses from your childhood, " said Kira Sterling of Toll Brothers. "Men are carving out space with a lot of technology, surround sound, wet bars, exercise equipment, steam, saunas, wine bars and storage."

Of course, if these men can afford to build man caves, or afford custom houses with man spaces, then they can afford to buy their own technology, surround sound, wet bars.

But if we know someone with a recently obtained man cave, then it would be a good idea to bring over a man cave-warming gift as insurance that we'll be invited over from time to time.

Consider your man cave gift carefully, it could mean the difference of being invited over once, twice, or receiving the Golden Ticket for unlimited entrances.

Small Gifts For The Office Space Or Work Cubicle

Taking your lunch to work is a common practice, again to save money or time.

However, keeping your lunch in the company-provided refrigerator may prove risky. Someone else may take it or spice it up with odds and ends as a practical joke. It would be wise to ensure that a family member or friend can keep his or her food safe at work with a compact cooler or insulated tote bag.

Or you may know an employee who seems to be party central for a department. Co-workers seem to gravitate to a particular person who is the "energy" for the entire floor. An ideal compact gift for this person would be one that plays on his or her persona.

Consider a practical and portable gift for the desk jockey on your gift list.

FREEZE THE BAG - Keeps Food Cold Up To 10 Hours

Do You Know Someone?

How Many People Do You Know Live, Work Or Play In A Compact Space

See results

Compact Thoughts On Compact Gifts

We all know someone who has a need for compact gifts to use in compact spaces.

Many of the items listed above, of course, are interchangeable - a mini drink cooler ideal for a Man Cave would also go well in a dorm, RV or in the office of a workaholic who just can't seem to get away to get a drink from the vending machine.

The popcorn popper would not only attract co-workers from throughout the building to your desk (making you quite popular), it would also be ideal for a dorm, man cave or RV.

A practical, compact gift would be ideal for that person that you know living, working or having fun in a compact space.

Be sure and select a gift that is small for the space and practical for the space.


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