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Choose the Perfect Chrismas Tree

Updated on November 4, 2016

Choosing a Christmas tree

For many families choosing a Christmas tree is as much a tradition as giving gifts.Plus creating a family event of searching long and hard for the perfect tree makes bringing it home a fun and vivid memory .

When it is time for your family to choose your favorite tree, there are many types to consider. Depending on your needs and wants.


Douglas Fir Christmas Tree


This tree is known for its bushy shape and soft green needles. They have a distinct sent and the fragrance will last of the entire Christmas season. This is one of the easiest trees to decorate and they are able to handle many sets of Christmas tree lights so they are popular for decorating. They offer a classic shape and are the most popular Christmas tree in the United States.

Fraser Fir Tree


The Fraser Fir is becoming the most popular Christmas tree on the market and offers platinum silver and deep hues of bluish green. They are most famous because in 2009 Steve Jobs chose these trees took place in the windows of Apple stores all across the world. They are known most because they are in no shed trees and are able to hold on to their needles for a long period of time.

Canaan Fir With Snow


This tree also is gaining in popularity because it is a strong tree and because it has opened growing patterns. The needles are soft and short and have a silverish blue coloring on the underneath. Although most firs prefer drained soils, these firs can stay in wet soils for longer than most firs.

Concolor Fir Tree


This tree offers small narrow needles that occur in rows. They also offer a pleasant shaping aroma and have fairly decent needle retention. They can be found in the Rocky Mountains all the way from Colorado and New Mexico to California and Oregon.

Scotch Pine


The Scotch pine is typically bright green and is the most common Christmas tree in the United States. It has a fantastic survival rate and is easy to replant. Also, it is popular because it will remain fresh throughout the entire holiday season. It is known for its stiff branches which make it suitable for decorating with lights and hanging ornaments

White Spruce


One of the unique things about this tree is that if the needles are crushed, they put off a bad aroma. However, they offer excellent needle retention when it comes to spruces and are great for ornaments to hang on. They offer short, stiff needles with long and blunt tips. They are mostly found in northeastern United States and throughout Canada.

Blue Spruce


This tree is also growing in popularity when it comes to Christmas trees, mainly because it has a symmetrical form and attractive blue foliage. It is great to be used for ornaments and is especially popular in eastern United States and Europe. While the needles are one and half inches long on the lower branches, they tend to be shorter towards the top of the tree.

When you’re looking to choose a Christmas tree for your family this season, there are many to choose from. You and your family can choose the right one at many of the Christmas tree farms that are around the United States. Most of these farms also offer fun family events, such as hayrides and hot cider or hot chocolate.

If you are interested in starting this as a family tradition it is an excellent choice. You and your family will have a blast creating memories that will last for years to come.


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  • prasetio30 profile image


    4 years ago from malang-indonesia

    Very inspiring hub and great idea. Thanks for sharing with us. Good job and voted up!


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