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How To Enjoy The Christmas Holidays Without Spending A Lot Of Money

Updated on August 12, 2013

How To Enjoy The Holidays

The Holidays are upon us again with many people in financial problems. We the parents are at wits end wondering how in the world are we going to give our little children a wonderful Christmas without going broke or over extending ourselves.

I remember all so well of the days with no money for Christmas and didn't want to disappoint our children that handed us their Christmas list to mail to Santa.

You look into your child's eyes and see the happiness and joy in their faces just waiting for Christmas morning to arrive and for the cookie and milk left for Santa to be gone.

The question is how can we make this Holiday Season enjoyable and remembered by our children without hurting our families budget?


Take your children to church or enroll them in Sunday School. This will give them the true meaning of the Christmas holiday and make them understand it is not just presents that make Christmas enjoyable.

Take your children out to a Christmas tree farm and walk through all the paths searching for that perfect tree for their Christmas. This is something they will remember forever and it is enjoyable doing it as a family.

Get together with your friends and family and go out into the neighborhood and sing your favorite Christmas carols. Children and adults love to go out and sing the joy of Christmas.

Here are others ways on how to enjoy the Holidays without spending a lot of Money.


Maybe even think about going to a nursing home where the elderly would love to be cheered up and be reminded of the Christmas spirit. Get some of your family and friends and sing the joy of Christmas and make someone happy for their Christmas. This is the best gift of all, the joy of making someone happy.


Purchase tickets in advance or at the door for a beautiful night of Christmas house tours. The tickets are very inexpensive and for all the home you can go through it is well worth the money and you will be amazed just how beautiful these homes are decorated for the Holiday Season.


Pick a day that is good for the whole family and put a spread out for that big Holiday family dinner. Everyone can bring their specialty dish and all will enjoy each others food and help the host of the dinner as well by bringing a dish. This is a great way to get together, have a great dinner and spread the Holiday spirit between everyone .


Pick a nice night before Christmas and go for a ride with your family through different towns and take in all the beautiful home that are so decorated for the Holiday season. This is so much fun not only for the children, but the adults too. Take your camera along to capture those most beautiful sites.

© 2010 Mark Bruno


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    • saleheensblog profile image

      saleheensblog 7 years ago from Dhaka,Bangladesh

      Christmas is not my festival but I agree with you. voted up