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How To Get In The Christmas Spirit

Updated on December 14, 2015

Christmas Spirit

Candy Canes
Candy Canes

It's time to shed off that old Grinch fur of yours and slip into a radiating snow glow body. That sounds like an exercise ad, but what I mean is it's time to get into the holiday spirit!!! Christmas is right around the corner and nobody likes the negative bahumbug Nancy.

How do I get into the holiday spirit though? That's why you have wonderful ole me to guide you over the bridge and through the woods.

Jack Frost Nipping At Your Nose

Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown
Baking Gingerbread
Baking Gingerbread
  • Decorations

Lights, wreaths, garland, lights, Christmas tree, ornaments, lights stockings, candles, and did I mention lights? Believe it or not Christmas decorations is the fastest way to put yourself into the holiday spirit. I know every morning when I wake up and pad downstairs and see the tree lit up I feel all warm and fuzzy, just like when I pad upstairs and its the last thing I see before I go to sleep. Not to mention it's just plain fun to out up the decorations, you can even slip on some Bing Crosby Christmas music while doing so, which leads me to our next step.

  • Music

Music is the next best way to put yourself into the holiday spirit. My cousin gets aggravated with me because I start listening to Winter Wonderland in September. That and the Christmas in July always gives me the itch. Imagine this, a decorated illuminated house with soft flickering cinnamon scented candles and Silent Night playing in the back ground, or O Holy Night by Josh Groban. NOW THAT is the ultimate Christmas setting

  • Baking

The darn holidays. And the mountain high pile of food. Remember your favorite pair of jeans...why are they's the cookies, cakes, turkey and ham and eggnog. Seriously baking Snickerdoodle cookies always put me in the best Christmas mood. Then you wrap them up and give them to friends or coworkers. The smell of baking food always makes the house cozier.

  • Holiday Shows or Movies

You can watch Christmas feel good movies on ABC Family,Lifetime, and Hallmark. ABC Family always has the 25 days of Christmas which involve Christmas movies and old school Christmas cartoons.

  • Wrapping Presents/ Buying Presents

It feels good buying people gifts, knowing you're making them happy. Wrapping with festive wrapper is fun as well, even if you aren't skilled in the art of wrapping.

Well that's it guys all I can think of right now that is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit. These tips always work for me, help me remember each year of Christmas. Everyone has different traditions. These are just fun basics. Merry Christmas!


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