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How To Save Money and Fix Miniature Christmas Light Sets In Minutes

Updated on December 11, 2011

What Do You Do When Christmas Lights Go Out

When You See The Christmas Light String Isn't Working, What Do you Do?

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Save Money DIY - Fix Christmas Lights In Minutes

Can Anyone Fix Christmas Lights

It happened to anyone of us, year after year.. We buy some Christmas light decoration for the holidays, they light up the house, the Christmas tree and even the front yard and the garage.

Then a year later, when the holidays are due, we take the Christmas decorations and the miniature light string doesn't work!

We assume that one or more bulbs are burned and the whole string is no good! I can share with you what I usually do... I throw the whole set away, and go to Amazon to buy another set for that year. How many of you do the same?

When you try to fix the light string, it is impossible to figure out which bulb was burned out, and though there are some replacement bulbs, the light string usually ends up in the trash bin.


How to Fix Miniature Christmas Light Sets

There are a number of reasons why Christmas light sets do not work. In some cases they do not work even when they are unboxed.

  1. One (or more) of the bulbs is out of it's place.
  2. One (or more) of the bulbs is burned.
  3. The circuit is interrupted somewhere in the wire.

Before touching the metal of any wiring, be sure the power is off. You may bet your life that the power really is off when you actually just think it is. Pull the plug!The fuses are there to protect the wires, not people. Make sure you unplugged the lights before you do anything.

Trying to fix a Christmas light chain without any knowledge in electricity would be hopeless. For this there is a special patent pending Light Keeper which actually does everything for you.

Light Keeper PRO The Complete Tool for Fixing Miniature Light Sets

What you need to do to fix a Christmas tree light set which does not work, is to use the Light Keeper PRO as instructed and the light will shine on your Christmas tree. How does this magic happens?

Finding the bad bulb - The light bulbs have 'shunt' which normally should allow some current to pass even if the bulb itself is burned. But the 'shunt' often do not work either, and the whole string gets dark. The Light Keeper PRO detects the current which runs through the wires. It has an Audible Continuity Detector which 'hears' the current and finds the 'dead' spot. When the 'Hum' goes silent - Bingo - you have found the bad bulb!

Fixing the bad bulb - There are two options to fix a dead bulb. One may be to check whether it is pout of the socket. Then pushing it tight into the socket may cause the whole light set to light again. But if the bulb is 'dead' and you may think there is no way to revive it again.. The Light Keeper PRO has a magic solution for that too. You connect the Light Keeper PRO to the light string set and pull the trigger. The tool sends high voltage into the bulb, which in many cases 'melts' down the 'shunt' and fixes the problem. Allowing the current to keep onward to the rest of the light set.

In a matter of minutes you saved money and fixed your Christmas tree light set!

Save money this year, DIY, Grab yours!

Light Keeper Pro-The Complete Tool For Fixing Your Christmas Lights


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