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How To Grow Easter Basket Grass

Updated on February 22, 2010

A Living Easter Basket

Ever notice how that Easter basket grass gets stuck to the candy? Sometimes chocolate candy gets warm and the grass becomes part of the chocolate treat. Or maybe Easter basket grass gets stuck and wrapped around those marshmallow peeps or that Easter bunny.

Why not try a new twist to your Easter basket this year. Natural, live grass can adorn the Easter basket without sticking to the candy. The grass actually grows in the Easter basket andeveryone can enjoy the wonders of spring, the natural way.

Things you'll need to grow your own Easter basket grass:

Cellophane or plastic container (empty milk jug, milk carton, or bowl)

Grass, rye or wheat seed



Spray bottle


1. Cut the cellophane or plastic container so it fits in the basket plus about 1 inch above basket rim. Colored cellophane or container adds a colorful edge to the basket. Be sure to use one piece or solid container to prevent leaking.

2. Fill the basket liner or plastic container with vermiculite, available in any gardening department. Vermiculite is much lighter than potting soil and stays moist.

3, Sprinkle the grass seed over the top of the vermiculite. Once the top is covered with seed, add another ΒΌ inch layer of vermiculite over the seed. Using the spray bottle, water evenly, and mist every day.

It takes about 10 days for the grass to grow and cover the bowl of the Easter basket,so start to grow your grass 10-12 days before Easter.

Now, all that is needed is Easter bunny candy and eggs! Natural growing Easter grass is a great alternative to the shredded cellophane grass!

Adults enjoy getting Easter baskets, too. Instead of grabbing cut flowers at a store, you can surprise someone with an Easter basket filled with a flowering plant or vine.

A living Easter basket could be a wonderful gift for someone that cannot enjoy the outdoors.


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