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How To Make A Biker Costume

Updated on August 12, 2017

The biker costume is a great choice for Halloween dress up fun. Men, women, boys and girls can all dress up as motorcycle gang members with the ideas on this costume tutorial page. Haven't you ever dreamt of riding the roads, wind in your hair, wild and free, nestled in the big leather seat of a Harley Davidson motorcycle?

Well, bikers come in all shapes and sizes and so do the clothes they wear. Fancy duds and grubby garments, the choice is yours. Different strokes for different folks. Some of you might dream of riding down the road on a brand new bike, while others are into the Easy Rider look or a Sons of Anarchy costume look. Watch a couple old motorcycle movies to see which kind of biker you want to dress up as...and then get to work finding just the right clothes.

So many biker costume looks, so little time...


Clothing Ideas For A Biker Costume

Are you feeling like a leather clad rider or are jeans your thing? Check out this list of clothes and accessories you can use to make a biker costume:

  • Black pants or jeans
  • Leather jacket
  • Leather vest
  • T-shirt with a Harley logo, a skull, or other motorcycle theme
  • Gang or Club emblem - check out Ebay for these
  • Black leather gloves
  • Biker boots
  • Motorcycle sunglasses
  • Wear a bandana around your head
  • Fake tattoos on your arms
  • Mustache - optional
  • Chains
  • Chaps
  • Leather wrist bands
  • Leather accessories with studs
  • Any accessories with skulls


Hot Chick Biker Costume Ideas


Who Can Be A Biker?

Who can be a biker, you ask? Anyone can! This is an easy costume look for just about everyone in the family. A biker gang is a great group costume idea.

  • Old Lady Biker
  • Old Man Biker
  • Scruffy Biker
  • Sexy Biker Chick
  • Biker Gang Member (groups can use this one)
  • Tough Biker Chick
  • Kid Bikers
  • Baby Biker

Men of Mayhem
Hells Angels
Reaper Crew
Leather & Lace
Women in the Wind
Holy Riders
The Black Widows
Wild Hogs
How about that American Flag helmet and fringed jacket?
How about that American Flag helmet and fringed jacket? | Source

What Motorcycle Club Did You Choose?

What's Your Favorite Motorcycle Club Emblem?

See results

Ladies and men can also put on a pair of chaps over their jeans for a tough rider look.


Where To Find Clothes To Make Your Biker Halloween Costume

Where do you find the clothes you need to make your own biker costume? Dig through your drawers, closets, and attic to see what you've got and then hit the thrift stores in your area to find the rest of your outfit. Thrift stores are a treasure chest of old clothing and accessories like belts with big buckles, studded one or two and see if you can't find what you need at an inexpensive price.

You can find different bike gang logos on line. Print them out and cut them. Glue them onto your clothing where needed. You can find motorcycle patches on Ebay or You can use temporary tattoos to give yourself a tough guy or girl look. Wigs and beards are available at costume stores and usually are pretty inexpensive to buy to complete your look.

You Can Make Your Costume Look Like This Leather Biker Vest

Diamond Plate Rock Design Genuine Buffalo Leather Biker Vest With 42 Patches- L
Diamond Plate Rock Design Genuine Buffalo Leather Biker Vest With 42 Patches- L

Add lots of emblems and patches to your leather vest to make a biker costume for Halloween. Take a look at this one to get some great ideas. Find your patches online or on Ebay, or Amazon.


Biker Boots

Boots are the common footwear for a motorcycle rider, and the good news is you probably have a pair you can wear in your closet. Big boots, big buckles, straps, chains, are all a great look for the motorcycle rider. If you have plain boots add some chains to them to make them look authentic. The best thing about a homemade costume is you can use clothing you already have...that saves you a bundle versus buying everything at a costume store. I love to save money, so homemade costumes are my favorites.


Hotline Miami Video Game Biker Costume Ideas

Biker's weapons of choice are a meat cleaver and throwing stars   - This character is scary
Biker's weapons of choice are a meat cleaver and throwing stars - This character is scary | Source
Leather Pants
Blue Jeans
Leather Jacket
Motorcycle Brand T-shirt
Leather Belt

The Toddler Biker


Don't Forget The Biker Cop Look For Halloween

Bikers are not all bad guys, we know that...but sometimes bikers are really good guys...we're talking about the motorcycle cop. For this costume idea you will need:

  • Dark blue shirt
  • Dark blue pants
  • Duct Tape (thin) to make a stripe down the side of the police uniform pants leg
  • Printed out emblems
  • A Badge
  • Black boots
  • Sunglasses
  • Police hat

Some police have khaki colored uniforms, but where I am from they wear blue. You can use khaki colored pants and shirt to make your costume if you like. The khaki uniforms always make me think of the California Highway Patrol, or CHIPS.

Print out or draw an emblem to glue or sew onto your uniform shirt. This is a very easy costume to make. You might have to purchase a police style cap, but that shouldn't be too expensive at all. Again, check Ebay, Amazon, or your online costume store for the hard to find accessories you will need to complete your costume look.

Leather, Chains, & Pins, OH MY

I love all the chains and pins this biker chick has on her hat and jacket.
I love all the chains and pins this biker chick has on her hat and jacket. | Source

This page has been focused on the motorcycle gang style costume but there are also some very modern looking biker looks too. You can see one in the video I've posted below. The modern looking bad biker is a sleek looking leather outfit and this character carries some big, shiny black weapons. You know right away he's not fooling around.

Look at all those emblems on his jacket and the fringe at her waist.
Look at all those emblems on his jacket and the fringe at her waist. | Source

*new* Rogue/nomad Biker Outfit Tutorial | Gta Online |

Halloween Look: Biker Chick!

Out in South Dakota there is a place near Mount Rushmore called Sturgis and it's home to one of the largest Harley Davidson motorcycle rallies in the country. (It is also called the Black Hills Motor Classic) Bikers ride in by the thousands for this rally.

If you were thinking about a road trip, this might be the perfect plan for you..and you can check out some great costume ideas while you are there. When you get there pay attention to the names of the roads:

  • Needles Highway
  • Iron Mountain Road
  • the Wildlife Loop
  • Vanocker Canyon Road
  • Spearfish Canyon

Visit these famous places:

  • Mount Rushmore National Memorial
  • Custer State Park
  • Crazy Horse Memorial
  • Bear Butte State Park
  • The Badlands
  • Devil's Tower National Monument

Bikers have gathered in Sturgis for years and will for years to come.

Highway To Hell - Wild Hogs

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