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How To Make Halloween Jello Shots

Updated on October 14, 2015

Planning Your Party

When you want to have a party for Halloween and your adult friends are coming over, you will definitely want to have Halloween Jello Shots available for your guests. This page is going to show you how to make Halloween Jello shots that will make your party the best ever. The recipe is super simple and is best when made in advance so that your jello shots have had an opportunity to set.

While you are still in your planning stages of the party you can look for some Halloween decorations that will make the jello shots even better. Using decorative Dixie cups is one simple method. Purchasing white pill cups from the store gives the artistic party planner a chance to hand craft designs on the cup. Drawing bats, black cats or witch hats on the cup can add to the Halloween look. Skeletons, spiders and other creepy and ghoulish figures can be sketched ahead of time allowing for the cups to be designed in advance.

If you are not hosting a party but are a guest, one way to really wow your hostess and help them out is to bring the Jello shots as your Halloween gift. These fun Jello shots will liven up any adult party. These little shots could also be an interesting item to bring to a friends potluck Halloween party.

Buying Your Ingredients

When picking up the ingredients you will want to look for gummy worms and if there are any other gummy creatures available then you might want to pick them up as well. These creatures will be placed into the drink before it congeals. This adds to the fun and provides a more goulish look to the drink. Leaving the gummy worm hanging over the edge of the small shot cup will give the drink an even more creepy appearance suitable for Halloween.

There are many different flavors that can be incorporated into your jello shots which will bring a unique taste to the party. Lets go over the most basic recipe first and then we can embellish it with a more exotic flavor for those themed parties.

The Jello flavors for this occasion will be orange, lime green, black Cherry and raspberry. These flavors will also provide the basic Halloween color palette for your Jello shots.

Making the Jello Shots

Making Jello shots are basically very easy. The main thing to remember is to not add the vodka until the jello has cooled down. Otherwise it will not set up and it will remain watery.

Begin with bringing two cups of water to a boil. Open one 6 oz. box of jello and place it in a mixing bowl. Add the boiling water to the box of dry jello and begin to stir. You will continue to stir until the jello has melted. Allow the Jello mixture to sit out until it has obtained room temperature. This will keep the vodka from causing the jello not to firm.

Once the jello has reached room temperature then pour in the vodka and stir until it is well mixed. Pour the finished product into the small cups. If you choose to have a gummy worm climbing out, then this is the point to add that. At this point all that is left is the placing of the shot glasses on a tray in the refrigerator. Keep them refrigerated until the jello has completely set and they can remain refrigerated until party time.

Repeat the process with each flavor of the jello. Having the different flavors will ensure that you have a nice mixture of Halloween colors and plenty of jello shots to go around.

These little shots can be made with several other flavors. There is no limit to the creative ideas that can be used.

Grapes can be used to resemble floating eyeballs and flavors can be added to create a little more drama. As mentioned before, gummy worms and insects can enhance the spooky theme. Using Halloween party favor cups will keep the holiday feeling going. The possibilities are endless as to how to dress these shots for the party. Remember these can be made the day before, which just took one more task off your to do list before party time.

These little Jello shots can be fun and will liven up a party, but they also contain alcohol and should be served with caution. The responsibility of not drinking and driving is just as important when consuming vodka in Jello shots as it is when serving Halloween cocktails.

Since they are fun, people may tend to have more than they would if they were just drinking. Make sure that those partaking in the Jello shots are of legal drinking age.


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