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How To Make Your Christmas Tree Stand Out :: Christmas Tree Decoration :: Buy Christmas Tree Decoration Online

Updated on November 8, 2016

How To Make Your Christmas Tree Stand Out : Christmas Tree Decoration Options

What makes a Christmas tree stands out? The uniqueness for one and creativity -- making use of not so expensive material to produce a beautiful Christmas tree. I also think that a motif to go with Christmas tree is a good point to make other say WOW! It doesn't have to be expensive, all it need to catch the eye is that it is noticeable because the overall impact is nice.

Planning about your Christmas tree decoration is not at all difficult specially if the whole family participates. Mom always do the legwork and you can ask the family member for ideas. Children are every good at it, just listen to what they say and to what they suggests because the fact is they will be the one to always look at it.

The Christmas Tree

Christmas tree decoration is a classic Christmas holiday decoration and there are many ways which you can do with it, I mean decorating options form the garland, tinsel, ornaments, lights or candles. There are endless possibilities or variations to make your Christmas tree stand out. I am talking about indoor Christmas tree.

Christmastime is always funtime and one of the activity I never fail to appreciate is decorating the house for Christmas decorations. Ever since I was a child my mother and my sister will decorate a Christmas tree and it is really fun. We always use a cut tree, not the artificial ones as we are far from the superstore which sells the commercial or the artificial ones. Every year we have a motif for the Christmas tree decorations and we use natural and cheaper items like papers, Japanese paper with different colors and rice hays for the base of the Christmas tree. Nowadays there are what they call "green Christmas tree" -- friendly to the environment.

Making your Christmas tree stand out is not difficult thing to do, you just need to have an imagination of what you like to do. Everybody can become creative, you just have to have the feel of it. Many times we want a Christmas tree that stands out and not expensive. the more unique it is the better we see it. You can see the joy of children and parents after joining in making the Christmas tree.

Christmas trees can be decorated with

  • garland
  • angel or a star at the tip most part
  • tinsel
  • ornaments
  • Christmas lights (blinking miniature mini lights, white or colored lights)
  • candles

How To Make Your Christmas Tree Stand Out : Christmas Tree Decoration Options

Christmas Tree Decorations Options

A Christmas tree is composed of a base, the tree itself and the decorations which are used on it.

Steps on how to create a Christmas tree that will stand out

  • If you want your Christmas tree to stand out first is to set a budget
  • Decide on the type of tree to use, artificial or buy a cut tree or make your own, these days they have a live Christmas tree which can be bought in superstore or plant store
  • Decide on how tall the tree is and the number of ornaments you are going to hung. I prefer smaller number of ornaments to hang as long as the motif is clear then it is good
  • If you are going to put a Christmas light, then you have the option to choose the white or colored blinking/twinkling one. Depending on the size of the Christmas tree, the lights would follow through, a taller Christmas tree needs a bigger light bulbs. You can buy these light bulbs online or at the nearest superstore near your area
  • Decide on the motif -- for example when we were younger our favorite theme for example is the angel ornaments made of hay stack (we just gather this form the rice fields) bear for me this year and it is my turn to choose this year, my mother will see to it that it will be followed

Some motifs for Christmas tree (Christmas tree theme is very important -- the general type of color to match the kind of ornaments and garlands you are going to put in the Christmas tree

  • angel ornaments
  • cowboy theme
  • haystack theme
  • wheat theme
  • round ball ornaments (usual type)
  • The Christmas tree Christmas tree theme depends on what you can think and by engaging your children to think and be creative about what they like to have there in the Christmas tree.

How To Make Your Christmas Tree Stand Out : Christmas Tree Decoration Options

Other Steps on Putting Up the Christmas Tree

  • Decide where to put the Christmas tree, usually in the living room afar from the TV, an easy look when somebody enter a home. I tell you once the Christmas tree is beautiful, the visitor will smile. In fact, people will be happy staying in the TV room if the Christmas tree is beautiful and children appreciate it more.
  • A Christmas tree that stands out is not only unique and creative, but the decorations should be evenly placed around the Christmas tree.
  • The Christmas lights add brightness and makes the Christmas tree livelier and the Christmas lights should be evenly placed around the Christmas tree. the trick is to put it form top to bottom.

Look for the youtube video below for the instructions and guidance for setting up a Christmas tree

Decorating A Christmas Tree


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