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How To Make Your Own Wine Labels For Special Occasions

Updated on June 21, 2011

Make Your Own Wine Labels

 If you really want to make a special occasion special what could be a better way than to make your own wine labels (or water bottle labels) for the event.

Just imagine having personalized wine labels for a birthday or a wedding with the name and date of the occasion on. Or for fun have an old school photo put on personalised wine labels for a school reunion.

Adding a personal touch to any event always makes it more special, and if you make your own wine labels then not only is it special but just think of the fun you can have.

Making wine labels isn't difficult, and there are various ways to do it, ranging from the completely DIY approach at home, to making use of some of the wine label printing software around to have them designed and printed professionally. 

Wine Label Making At Home

 This can be a very cost effective way to make wine labels, and is great if you've got some home-made wine that you want to label up.

The only absolute equipment you need is some labels, which can be bought either online or at any good stationers.

Generally the purpose of a wine label is to tell the drinker about the wine, but there's no reason you can't have a bit of fun at the same time.

For a completely unique and DIY approach you could start with blank labels, pens and pencils and some rubber stamps and approach it like an arts and crafts project ~ even get the kids involved to do it for you. This approach is fine if you only have a few labels to do but if you need 300 for a wedding you'll be there forever so really need a slightly more automated approach ~ and for that you'll need a computer and a printer.


Designing and Printing Wine Labels at Home

 You can approach this in the same was as you would approach address labels in that you need to design something that will fit neatly into the label space.

You can make it as simple or as complicated as you like, though bear in mind that the label still has to be read to try to avoid squeezing too much information onto it.

You can use photos or images as a background and add text over them, or keep the label plain and use simple fonts to make the information stand out.

It's always best to run a few test labels when you start as quite often a design that looks great on your pc screen may not look as good on a bottle, especially if you are using coloured glass bottles.

Professional Wine Label Printing

 A quick search of the internet will throw up a good selection of companies where you can have your labels designed and printed (with or without the wine bottles to go with them)

If the labels you are doing are for a very special occasion i.e. if you are looking for personalized wine labels for weddings this can be the best choice as the finish on the label will be very professional.

Many companies offer templates for you to choose from so you can design and customise your label to suit your occasion so it's worth having a look at a few different suppliers to make sure you find one with designs that you like.

Once you've found a design that suits your occasion you'll be able to to add names, dates etc so the label reflects your event.


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