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How To Make an Effective New Year's Resolution

Updated on December 30, 2012

As a year is about to end and we look towards welcoming the new year, we often think about how we can better ourselves. We think about what we would like to achieve in the next year and we set that goal.

Quite often we set that goal but we never seem to plan it out in order to see whether its achievable, therefore failing.

The most common New Year's Resolutions are losing weight and quiting smoking. The reason many people fail in this attempt is they set their resolution but don't plan in the process to help themselves achieve it.

Below we have a look at the S.M.A.R.T method which is commonly used in marketing strategies and is a great tool to plan for success. You will need to ask yourself these five questions.


Is your New Year's resolution specific to what you are trying to accomplish? This pin point exactly what it is that you would like to achieve before you can look at the other four factors.


Is your New Year's Resolution measurable? You need to consider how you will be able to measure and monitor your progress in achieving your goal.


Is your New Year's Resolution achievable? You need to think about your aim and ask yourself whether it is something you are able to achieve. This is a good way to evaluate and set your expectations.


Is your New Year's Resolution realistic? To determine whether your target is realistic you will need to think about. Setting your target too far away will make you lose interest and motivation which will lead you to failure so try to keep it within your reach and build on it.


Is your New Year's Resolution time-lined? By setting deadlines to your goal, you will make sure that there is a specific time to stop and evaluate your success or failure. By doing this it will help you set you next target.

If you consider these points carefully and embrace the S.M.A.R.T method, you will be planned ahead and more likely to achieve your New Year's Resolution.


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