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How To Organize A Fun Birthday Party At A Fire Station

Updated on March 3, 2018
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Sue is a mother and grandmother living in sunny Malaysia. Like many Malaysians, food is one of her passions.

Birthday party at the fire station

Yes, you can hold a birthday party at your local fire station. All the fun activities include taking a ride in a real fire engine and using the water hoses to put out a fire.

My grandson is an avid fan of anything to do with fire engines, fighting firemen and of course the fireman shooting water to put out a fire. So celebrating his 3rd birthday at a fire station was a brilliant idea. The kids all had a great time so this is a guide if you plan to hold a similar party.

Taman Tun Fire Station

Fire station at Taman Tun Dr ismail
Fire station at Taman Tun Dr ismail | Source

Choosing The Venue

The most important aspect of the party would be to secure the fire station for the date planned. The obvious choice would be the one that is nearest to your home. Alternatively for those staying in the Klang Valley, the stations at Hartamas and Taman Tun Dr Ismail have birthday parties at their premises on a regular basis.

Visit the station early to check if the date you have planned is available. We had my grandson's party on a Saturday morning. Remember some of the activities are outdoors so you may want to opt to have it in the morning to avoid the afternoon heat.

If the date is available you will need to write in an official request. This is just a simple letter stating the date you require and handing it to the officer in charge.

Any charges to use the fire station?

There is no fee to use the fire station but you can always either make a donation or prepare a food hamper for the very helpful firemen.

Fire engine themed cupcakes
Fire engine themed cupcakes | Source

Planning The Party

  1. Determine how many people you are inviting to the party, kids and adults.
  2. Confirm that they can accommodate the number of guests you plan to invite.
  3. Remember that they do not provide tables and chairs so you will have to rent them - tables and chairs for your guests, display tables for food and drinks, tablecloths. Set a time for delivery of the tables and chairs. You may have to be there to oversee the delivery.
  4. Depending on your menu, using disposable plates and crockery makes cleaning afterwards much easier. Bring along big garbage bags for all the rubbish.
  5. Plan your menu. Remember to include the firemen on duty so make sure your food is halal.
  6. Provide other activities for the kids.

Location of Fire Stations in The Klang Valley

Location of fire station
Contact Number
Sri Hartamas
Jalan 25/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 54080 Kuala Lumpur
No. Tel : 03 - 6203 2071
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad, 60000 Kuala Lumpur
No. Tel : 03 - 7728 4444
SS2 Petaling Jaya
Jalan SS 2/2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
No. Tel : 03 - 7729 4444 / 7729 2406

Fire engine toy

Fire engine toy
Fire engine toy | Source

Fire Engine Ride On Car From Lazada

Fire Engine Ride On

Great for the toddler who is learning to move around. This fire engine comes with a storage space under the seat. My grandson keeps the rest of his fire fighting gear there. He also loves the horn which he can crank to alert everyone that the fire engine is on the way to the rescue.

With a flexible ladder the little fireman can go to the rescue wherever they may be. Give hours of fun to the kid that loves fire engines.

Planning Your Menu

Food suggestions - Kid friendly food

  • If the party is in the morning, try not to be too ambitious in food preparation as time is of the essence.
  • Sandwiches- egg mayo, tuna
  • Mini banana pancakes for the kids
  • Packets of nasi lemak, Scout around your neighborhood for those stalls which sell ready packed small packets of nasi lemak. If they are tasty you can make arrangements to order them. The cost may be around RM 1.50 per packet.
  • Fruits
  • Cup cakes
  • Curry puffs, pastries, muffins

Don't Forget The Birthday Cake - This jelly cake was delivered the same morning

Jelly birthday cake
Jelly birthday cake | Source
Click thumbnail to view full-size
Awesome fire rescue cupcakes Mini pancakes for the kidsAdd your own decorationsCereal snacks and milk
Awesome fire rescue cupcakes
Awesome fire rescue cupcakes
Mini pancakes for the kids
Mini pancakes for the kids
Add your own decorations
Add your own decorations
Cereal snacks and milk
Cereal snacks and milk

Activities organized by the fire station

Short talk by a fire officer

Informative short talk by a fire officer
Informative short talk by a fire officer | Source

A ride around the block in a fire engine complete with blaring sirens - Most exciting part of the party for many of the kids

Kids getting into the fire engine with their parents
Kids getting into the fire engine with their parents | Source

A fireman's most important job is to shoot water at a raging fire

How far and how wide can you shoot the water?
How far and how wide can you shoot the water? | Source
Click thumbnail to view full-size
Equipment in a fire engineFire engines ready to go
Equipment in a fire engine
Equipment in a fire engine
Fire engines ready to go
Fire engines ready to go

Other Fun Activities

Blowing Giant Bubbles

  • Let the children make giant bubbles. If you are ambitious you can even make some bubble wands to produce giant bubbles. These can be made much earlier using pipe cleaners and satay sticks.
  • You can get very cheap pipe cleancers from Mr DIY stores.
  • Recipe for bubble soution


Kids Love Balloons

Helium balloons from Spotlight
Helium balloons from Spotlight

Mobile Ice Cream Man

Ice cream is always a big hit with kids and adults especially after all the activities at the fire station.

Look around your neighborhood for the mobile ice cream man. We found this particular one at the Taman Tun park.

Important tip : Give him some guidelines on what is available to your guests or you may find yourself with a hefty bill.

Birthday Party Wish List

What aspect of a birthday party would appeal to your kids?

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© 2016 Sue Mah

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