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How To Win Best Halloween Costume - Best Halloween Outfits

Updated on December 30, 2014

Hallow's Eve, or Halloween, falls on the 31st October every year. A traditional pagan festival, it is celebrated to mark the end of light and warmth (autumn) and the beginning of the dark and cold (winter). It originated in Northern Europe, but is popular in all parts of the world today, especially the United States.

The typical tradition today during Halloween is to watch horror films, eat barm brack, nuts and toffee apples, tell ghost stories, go Trick or Treating (dress up and knock at neighbour's doors asking for a treat (sweets, candy) or giving them a trick. Or, if you're a bit older, a costume party and camp in a cemetery!

Liquid Latex

Liquid latex comes in a small bottle, and is a great way for making realistic and very gory looking wounds, burns, bites, scars, slashes, wrinkles - any kind of skin damage really!

Here's how to use it correctly! (Test for an allergic reaction first!)

How to make a bloody wound using liquid latex

The Basic Method

1. This is completely optional, but you might regret it the next day - shave the area you want to apply the latex to. Even if there doesn't look to be hairs there, remember, we are mammals, so there's a good chance there is! This will make removing the make up a lot easier. If you want to make the removal process even easier, you can moisturize the area as well. Every little helps!

2. Shake the bottle of liquid latex well.

3. Apply a thin layer of the latex to your skin using the application brush that should have come with it (if not, improvise!). Leave the latex to dry for an hour. A hairdryer could help here.

4. Apply another layer of latex on top of the first and repeat until the thickness of skin you want is reached. Apply the fake blood over the latex.


1. Build up the inside of the wound first. Tissue paper works best for this method. Apply a layer of latex, and then a layer of tissue paper, leaving a small empty line in the middle (for the blood).

2. When it's dry, tear the edge of the tissue paper (closest to the empty line) to give it some depth. You can add more layers depending on the size you want your wound to be.

3. When you're satisfied with the size and depth of the wound, powder and apply makeup. Pour fake blood into the empty line you left in the middle and add the rest accordingly.

Peeling / Blistered Skin

1. Apply latex.

2. For an even better look, try adding a layer of tissue paper and then another layer of the liquid latex.

3. When the latex has dried, tear small holes (don't get carried away though!).

4. Powder the latex and apply the appropriate makeup, e.g. fake blood, black and white.

Textured Skin

1. Apply liquid latex (as an adhesive this time).

2. Choose the effect you're going for. Scaley (cornflakes), lumpy (cotton), rough (cornmeal), wrinkly, uneven (tissue paper). Apply one of these and then cover with a layer of liquid latex.

3. When dry, apply the powder and makeup.

Other Halloween Ideas

  • Groups

Groups always do well in fancy dress contests. If you can get all of your friends or work colleagues to dress as the cast from some popular (Halloween) film or musical, TV show, or something well known that can use a lot of people, it would go down great.

  • Less Traditional

If for whatever reason, you want to go for the horror side of Halloween, but you're bored of the typical vampire, witch, ghost approach, then you can dress up as anything you like - but kill it. If you want to go as a naughty nurse, a burlesque dancer, a celebrity, an animal, a rockstar.


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