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How Can the Week of Christmas and New Years Be a Part of Limitless Living?

Updated on October 19, 2018

How Can The Week Of Christmas And New Years Be A Part Of Limitless Living?

The month of December is always a busy time of year, with Christmas and New Years, there is always limitless things that need to be done for both of these events to go off without a hitch. In terms of things to do, presents to buy people to see. But Can the week of both of these holidays be or feel limitless? Yes, they can, think about all the things that have to be done over the holidays is it limitless? Can it be a part of limitless living? The things that are done during Christmas and New Years can be a part of limitless living because there is always so many people to see, parties to attend or parties to throw. There is always so much going on during the week of Christmas and New Years or even leading up to it that it feels never-ending. The parties, food, gifts the list is ongoing.

Do you enjoy the Christmas season? Do you feel that it can be a part of limitless living? With all the things that need to be done in between Christmas and New Years the work that is involved in the preparation for it can be considered limitless living. The number of people that you see the number of things that you do, during that time to keep your life going limitlessly is abundant. Don’t you ever feel like you are Thomas the tank engine chugging along during the Christmas holidays? Saying “ I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. There is so much family, friends and work to be done during the Christmas holidays that it feels like it is ongoing for months even if it is only for two weeks or a week at least. It is part of limitless living because of how fast it goes by.

Christmas and New Years Feels like a whirlwind of running around which in turn feels abundant. With the hustle and bustle of shopping, wrapping, and preparing meals. It is so busy and lively that it feels like a limitless life or as if you are moving at limitless speeds. The season of the holidays goes by so fast that at times it feels as though you blink and it's gone, and at other times it feels as though it lasts forever. The number of parties and people that you see is a part of limitless living. You feel like you are always with people, and going out to parties during the holidays don’t you think? we as people are always on the go during the Christmas holidays we don’t stop until the two weeks are up. Eating, drinking, laughing and partying is great fun and how a person limitlessly lives during the holidays. That is how you live a limitless life during Christmas and New Years.

The weeks of Christmas and new years require a limitless amount of prep work, on everyone's part. Depending on how old a person is, if you are a kid your only requirement is to show up. As you get older you help your parents prepare for the holidays and buy Christmas presents for your parents, sibling and cousins depending on how old you are in the cousin department. The prep and shopping feel limitless because it seems to go on forever. The list of people that you have to buy for seems to always be growing. Which is what makes it feel abundant doesn’t it? If you are the host for Christmas or new years gathering it seems like your work is never done. You are always cooking, cleaning or entertaining people, which means you are always doing something over the holidays.

There is so much going on over Christmas and New Years with the late nights and early morning that people feel as though they are in airplane mode always going without the feeling of slowing down. The Christmas and New Years holidays feel as though they are part of limitless living because there is so much going on in a person's life in such a short period of time. An example of what goes on during the Christmas holidays that makes them abundant is, the amount of family and friends, you see and the quality time you spend together. That is what makes Christmas and the New Years holidays a part of limitless life.If you spend time with family and friends during the Christmas holidays you don’t just spend a few hours with people, you spend a limitless amount of time with them having a good time. That is what Christmas and New Years are for.

The Limitlessness of Christmas and New Years

December comes every year which means, so does Christmas and New Years they both show up like clockwork and it can be so abundant that it can feel like it really is limitless. No matter what else happens in the world Christmas and new years will always come. Each year that these two holidays come, upon us don’t they seem as though they get busier and busier? The busier you get the more un-family orientated Christmas and New Years become, don’t you notice that? They become more about the amount of money that people spend, the more limitless they get which is not what they are supposed to be. Christmas and New Years is supposed to be a time spent with family not seeing how much money people can spend. So why don’t we try taking the money aspect out of Christmas an New Years, and go back to the family aspect?

Besides spending time with family and friends and going to parties what other limitless things can happen during Christmas and New Years in terms of limitless life? Gifts, movies, relaxation, learning new games that you can use to better your life. just to name a few. The weeks of Christmas and New Years are so busy that if we don’t take a break, a couple days in between these two big events, we will either be very tired or crash during some festivities especially when new years hits. If that happens and it sometimes does new years isn’t as fun as it should be. So we should take a break and spend some time either with just ourselves or just our immediate family a few days in between Christmas and new years. It will make limitless living a lot easier to handle.

The week of Christmas and New Years can be a part of limitless life because of all the interesting things, that happens between Christmas and New Years. The laughter, the games the fun that is had. That is what Christmas and New Years are meant for. It is a part of abundant living because it is so full of love and happiness that it is never-ending. That is Christmas and New Years. Is it such a happy time, isn’t it? So have fun this holiday season and enjoy it try not to get too wrapped up in the gifts and money and more about the friends and family aspect.

The week of Christmas and New Years feels limitless there is always so much to do that you are lucky if you get a day to yourself. Limitless family and the food is always flowing at every turn, but once the holidays are over do they still feel limitless? The stuff that people have gotten present wise, and the amount of food they have leftover that can feel limitless, but not really much else. It feels as though it is part of limitless living in the food category because there is food for weeks afterward and we need to eat. There is a lot of that going on during the holidays and after to get rid of the leftovers.

It feels like there is almost an overabundance, of everything. Take a look at what we do over the holidays is it limitlessly slow or limitlessly fast? For most, it goes by so fast that if you blink it's gone, but the food and happy memories seem to last a limitless amount of time. That is how the week of Christmas and New Years can be a part of limitless living. What do you look forward to that has a limitless feel over the holiday or do you even think that way?

Christmas And New Years

There are so many celebrations people can have over the Christmas season that it can be a part of limitless living. It doesn’t just last three days for people, it usually lasts a week or longer. That is how it is part of limitless life, so relax have fun and enjoy this Christmas and new years season. Spread Christmas cheer to everyone around you.

Do you think the week of Christmas and New Years can be a part of Limitless Living? Let’s Discuss

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